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Thursday, August 30, 2012

What is parked in front of the neighbors?

In June I looked out our dinning room window and had to look again! "Wow, look at that car!"

We rushed outside to check it out.

I would love to go for a ride.

A photo next to it will do. :)

Now, can you guess what model or make this car is? Is it an American made car or foreign car?
Give me your best guess.


  1. I guess American....I've never watched 'The Great Gatsby' but that movie title comes to mind. What a gorgeous car....I'd have rushed out to see it too. Your picture is so cute! We were at a friend's house the other day and he had a restored model A....what a little beauty it was. I'll have to post a picture by and by. About the eggplant...my friend says slice it and roll in egg, then panko crumbs and fry or bake. I made an eggplant lasagne once and we liked it. As you can probably tell...I haven't had many eggplants to do anything with...most years.

  2. Maggie Ann,
    You are right! It is an American made car. :)

  3. What a cool looking car. How fun that you took a picture with it. Did the owners see you doing that?

  4. Hi Angie,
    The owners did take the photo, with their camera. Then they mailed us the photo. I then took a photo of the photo to blog it. :) Silly Silly Me!


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