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Thursday, August 2, 2012

All adopted

All of our babies have been adopted. We were able to keep one, the fella in the middle is our little guy. His name is Frodo. He seems to be happy to be the only little bunny, receiving lots of attention. 

Our other five babies were adopted to good homes. We asked questions about care and feeding before just handing over the babies. It was fun to see the joy involved in each adoption.

Adoption #1
A dad came to adopt two bunnies for his boys. This was a surprise, his boys had no idea!
It would have been fun to be a fly on the wall to see how excited the boys got.
Adoption #2
A lonely middle aged lady came, she wanted one, for company. She was down because of some sad things that had happened. She picked out our little one we named Sam.
Yes, you notice Frodo, Sam...yes we had a Merry...Yep, you guessed it, from Lord of the Rings.
Adoption #3
A mom with three boys came. They were so excited. They adopted our last two black bunnies.

This was a great learning time for the boys. Not just to see the birth and growth. But to ask questions to the possible new owners.
Yes, I did turn two people down, I just did not feel they were responsible pet owners.
Have you had kittens, puppies or other animals to give away or sell? How did it feel for you to let them go?     

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  1. It sounds like all of your bunnies went to good homes. I am sure that helps ease the sadness of having to part with them.


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