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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Wisconsin Road Guide to Gangster Hot Spots

To get ready for your Gangster adventure...be sure to pick up this book at your local library! I read this book to our boys, they loved it! Chad Lewis uses humor with facts to make this not only a helpful book for study, but also a great read!

Two items I want to share with you. Yesterday's post was about how Dillinger and his gang had a major shootout with the FBI. The FBI, believing that they finally had the gangsters trapped, outmanned and out gunned, lit up the night with gun fire.The onslaught of bullets tore through the entire lodge, windows shattered from the incoming lead, and those inside feared for their lives. The FBI had no idea that their worst nightmare had come true and that all the gangsters were already well on their way to freedom.
How can this be?? Check out the book to finish this amazing story.

Bloody Robbery of the Kraft State Bank
Menomonie, WI
What we liked so much about the book is it takes you to the grisly locations where gangster history will never die. We do not live far from Menomonie. Wow! We drove right past this place.

Barker Lake Lodge
Winter, Wisconsin
This time we had to yell for dad. "Dad, did you know your hometown had a gangster hideout??"

Happy Reading!

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