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Friday, August 10, 2012

On the Road Friday

Duluth, Minnesota

We love to visit Duluth. We do not have to spend too much money, because we are happy packing a picnic lunch and watching the freighters.

The following photos were taken in 2010. Jeremy and I did a day trip to Duluth in June. We hiked along the lake and split a fancy apple from the Chocolate Factory - check out the Duluth Chocolate Factory

The local Lake Superior Marine Museum has a boat watch pamphlet printed out. You can pick one up and it gives you estimated times that freighters will be coming into or leaving port.

One of my many dreams is to ride along on a freighter on the Great Lakes. I am fascinated about what it is like to be a sailor. What do you eat? What are the sunrises and sunsets like? What are the storms like?

For today, I will just dream and wonder what it is like to ride on one of these amazing freighters.

For more information about watching the freighters at the Duluth port check out the following site - Duluth - Lake Superior Info

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