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Monday, March 25, 2013

12/12/12 to ......

Many of you will toss snowballs at me for this post. 

We are so excited about this goal of ours, I just have to share it with you all.

We started our ski season, 12/12/12, my birthday! We are still skiing! Yesterday, March 24th we skied, what might be our last ski of the season. The trails are starting to melt.  We have a goal to make it until April 1st! 

March 24th is already a record breaker for us. Oh my, we would love to say we skied April 1st. No fooling!!

Now my husband came up with, " maybe we can make it to April 7th, Sam's birthday."  Atticus came up with, "maybe we can ski until May 18th, to my birthday."  We have shared this goal with some of our friends. Most just smile, and think we might be a bit crazy for wanting snow in April. Others, you can tell they are holding back from strangling us, especially when we tell them of our great idea of skiing on everyone' s birthday, clear into May!

Yes, we skied on Jeremy's birthday January 24th. 

Next Monday is April 1st! 
I will let you know if we make it.

Happy Monday!  



  1. I doubt there'll be any problem making it April 1st. And if we do, I'm going to bury you in a snowbank! lol

  2. Looks like fun! I have never been skiing before and even live in Utah. Ha, I am not a fan of being out in the snow a lot but more so haven't been because I am scared. Haha. Great picture.


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