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Friday, March 15, 2013

On The Road Friday

Today, we are taking a trip to Lake Nebagamon, Wisconsin. We stopped at Rose's Bakery & Coffee Shop after a morning of skiing in the Brule River State Forest.

Rose's was just about to close, but the owner let us in and we picked out some great treats.

 Atticus picked out this cute bunny cookie. I just loved the decorating.
  Sam picked out this lucky leprechaun cookie. 

We enjoy stopping in at bakery's on our road trips. What we have found to be fascinating are what the different tastes are. My hometown loves poppy seed. My hometown bakery is full of poppy seed filled goodies. The community I live in now, does not care for poppy seed. We think that is interesting. Soon you learn a lot about a community, just by learning what they like to eat. Who settled in my hometown? You guessed right if you answered, German, Polish and Slavic. Can you guess who settled in the area I live today? Norweigen.

  We love to try new treats.

Do you like stopping in at Bakery's? 
What is your favorite treat?

Thank you for coming along with me, On The Road Friday!  



  1. What cute cookies. I have a weakness for sugar cookies. Yum! I hope you enjoy(ed) your road trip.

  2. Lately, I've been drawn to anything with peanut butter? I'm your newest follower, sweet blog! I am also placing you on my sidebar.Come over and share the day. Best wishes, Eleni

  3. How fun! Cute treats. I like the chocolate and peanut butter cookies at the Barron Bakery. It's been a while since I had one, but they're like a chocolate drop cookie with a peanut butter cookie on top. YUM

  4. We really like the bakery in Hayward. Our other favorite is La Panneteria bakery in Bessemer, MI (just past Ironwood).


High Fives from Wisconsin!