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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Book Review - Still Alice


a novel
Lisa Genova
 I just finished this book. It was very interesting. 
I will give you the background of the story.

Fifty-year old Alice Howland, a Harvard professor of cognitive psychology, is at the top of her game. Her kids are grown, her marriage secure, her career on fire, when after mere months of forgetfulness...she finds herself in the rapidly downward spiral of early onset Alzheimer's disease. With no cure or treatment, Alice struggles to find meaning and purpose in her everyday life as her concept of self slips away. Without memory or hope, she is forced to live in the moment, which is in turns beautiful, terrifying, and maddening.

Share with me if you read STiLL ALiCE and your thoughts about the book.

I enjoyed reading the Discussion Questions by Lisa Genova.

I wanted to share a little of how she wrote STiLL ALiCE.
"I wrote in Starbucks every day while my then six year old daughter was in school. I found writing from home too difficult. There were too many distractions - phone calls to return, food to eat in the fridge, laundry to do, bills to pay. At Starbucks, there were no excuses. Nothing else to do but write.  


  1. I'm with her on home distractions for sure...lol. Sounds sad.

  2. I've been making more of an effort to read this year. This book sounds interesting. Thanks for sharing your review.


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