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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Chinese New Year Celebration

Some dear friends of ours adopted a little girl from China. To celebrate her first year with them, they hosted  a 1st Annual Chinese New Year Celebration.

The Chinese New Year is the most celebrated festival in China. It is a time for family and friends to gather to celebrate the coming of Spring.
The lantern festival is traditionally held around the 15th of the month to end the 15 day festival. 

We celebrated by ice fishing, cross country skiing, sledding and eating!

 It was snowing. The lanterns had no problem heading up...up...up.

 Once the lantern starts to pull up it is okay to let it go. It is ready for take off.

We wanted to try to have as many go together as possible.

 Happy Chinese New Year!



  1. What a sweet tradition to start with an adopted Chinese child! I love those lanterns and I love those little China dolls too :) The first time I ever heard of foreign adoption was when a lady was shopping in the same Once Upon a Child I was and she had a beautiful little Chinese girl with her - they had just got home with her a few weeks earlier. I was enthralled. I went home and told my hubby I wanted one too! God never opened that door for us but we have supported many friends who have had the opportunity to adopt!

  2. How exciting that must have been for everyone! Especially the little girl...=) I was enchanted with the scene in 'tangled' where all the lanterns went up...up....up. =)

  3. How neat! Those lanterns look like a lot of fun and a great way to celebrate. I love that they are keeping her culture alive as well!

  4. That is BEAUTIFUL. What a fun celebration. I've seen these lanterns being sent off to the heavens before just never in the snow! What a lovely way to celebrate.

  5. What a pretty sight…the lanterns in the snow! I love this post. What a fun and special celebration!

  6. I love those lanterns! Our neighbors have set them off in the summer. We have so many trees, I"m too nervous they'll start a fire but absolutely love the look of them! How fun to start a Chinese New Year tradition with their new little one!

  7. I like that picture of you on the river in a canoe. That must feel so liberating....to be away from everything on land...just so tranquil. I'm glad for you....enjoy for me too ok.

  8. Carla
    I bet it was magical out there on a beautiful cold night, watching the lanterns lighting the sky!

  9. Cool pictures. The lanterns looks so neat up in the sky. We went to a wedding last spring, that had people light lanterns and send them up instead of throwing rice or birdseed when they left.


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