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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Economy Car

 The Economy Car
Last week we were doing a few outside chores. I was cleaning out a box full of hay for our bunnies.
Atticus was sliding down our snow pile in our yard. I told him "Grandpa always liked to slide down the hill in a cardboard box when I was a little girl."  I gave him the box I emptied and told him " Give it a try."
He loved it!
Big brother Sam decided he needed to try it too. He went downstairs in the basement to get his own box, nope, not Sam. Sam decided he had an economy car.

Vroom, went Sam down the hill.
The boys laughed and laughed as they slid down the hill in their economy cars.

We decided we needed to try our economy cars at the BIG hill. 
The boys asked if daddy could bring some boxes home from work. They wanted to customize their economy cars. They put duct tape on the bottom.


I even went down the big hill in an economy car.
It was great fun.

I love how my boys came up with the name economy car. And how they thought grandpa was pretty cool to slide down a hill in a cardboard box.

So what do you think? Economy Car Sledding at the 2018 Winter Olympics?


  1. What fun! Love the term "economy car!" As a child, we would bring homappliance boxes and make play houses with them!

  2. Love it! Great photo and priceless memories! Made me smile....thanks!

  3. What a great idea, it's wonderful how kids can come up with them when they play. We used to slide down the highschool hill on the dry grass, those cardboard boxes would whip down there. In the winter we would use crazy carpets...


  4. I can remember doing that!!!
    And I remember some of the guys would use the lids from garbage cans - so we'd have to have two Olympic categories lol

  5. Cardboard boxes always make inventors out of kids ~ lol

  6. Awww this looks like so much fun! Definitely should be an Olympic event :)

  7. Yep, I can see that in the Olympics, as long as there are several flips and spins. :-) Our kids used cardboard boxes to sled when we lived in Pennsylvania. We had a steep hill behind the house and it was great fun! Tell Sam and Atticus to keep practicing. We're expecting them to bring home GOLD.

  8. Great idea for the Winter Olympics and bed races for the Summer ones. How fun! Janice

  9. I love that you and your family embrace the good times. What a wonderful memory you made. I also love that you took a ride too!

  10. I always tell people that boxes make the best gifts! the other day the girls where watching tv sitting in 2 boxes...

  11. Sounds like such a fun time! I never went sledding in a box back in my day, but it sounds like a blast. My fear of bumps on the tail bone keep me from taking such adventures anymore!


High Fives from Wisconsin!