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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Share your life with me....

 About a year after Jeremy and I got married we found a journal called; Grandma, Tell Me Your Memories...
We gave it to my Grandma Martha for Christmas. 
Each day is a question. Some of the questions are easy. Name your brothers and sisters and their years of birth.
Some are a little more tricky to answer. What was the naughtiest or meanest thing you remember doing in school?
Some make you so happy you have down in a journal to read and read again. Do you have a good piece of advice for me?

I helped her complete the book. Her hands were crippled and writing had become difficult for her.  It was a special time for us.

Jeremy and I enjoyed the book so much we wanted to purchase one for his grandma and my grandparents. We could not find them. So we made our own. 
Using a pretty journal we hand wrote the questions for our grandparents to answer.

I was so happy to have my grandparents journals. During my time visiting my grandma in the hospital and hospice, I read to her. I read to her from her journal and my grandpas.
I was not able to do this with out crying at times. I know she enjoyed me reading about her life and grandpas. She smiled and laughed.

One of my favorites from my grandpa.
Tell about a school bully.
No one I could not handle ~ was his answer. 

One of my favorites from my grandma.
Tell about your first kiss.
I was 15 and Uncle Felix, Grandpa Sam and I were kidding around.
I stuck my tongue out at Felix. He chased me, caught me and kissed me.
I remember some fun times with Felix.

Do you have a special way to preserve your memories?


  1. you have captured precious memories on paper. What a great idea to make your own

  2. You have such a wonderful appreciation for everything, don't you? I so enjoy visiting here. Your outlook on life makes me happy. I love that you took the time to get memories of your grandparents down on paper. What a priceless treasure.

  3. I absolutely LOVE this. It was such a wonderful thing for you to do, for you to all record her memories. But, how special for her to know that you wanted to know these parts of her :) I must try to make this for my grandparents. Thank you for sharing this :)

  4. That's such a beautiful way to keep the memories alive for family. I was having a conversation with someone about regretting not having done that for my Grandparents.


  5. This is such a wonderful idea. How special that you were able to read Grandma's to her. I know that meant a lot to both of you.


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