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Friday, February 14, 2014

On the Road Friday ~ Hickory Ridge Trails ~ Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin

Hello Friends,
It is Friday, off we go on a little trip.
You will be happy to know we did all the exercise on this trip. You are able to sit back and enjoy.
 Hickory Ridge Recreation Area is a trail system for Cross Country Skiing and Snowshoe in the winter and Mountain Bike in the summer.
This was our first ski at the Hickory Ridge Trails. It warmed up to a balmy 5° on February 1st. We decided it was time to get outside. We have been cooped up long enough.

 We loved going down the hills. 
Getting up the hills was a different story. Especially when you get the giggles. That is just what happened to Atticus. He is trying to go up, he gets the giggles and slides down.
 Steep Hill
Up the hill we go.

 Down the hill we go to...Death Valley! 
Some of us began to feel the pain of going up hills.
I won't mention any names.

 Up and Down!

 Puma Playground is the name of one of the Mountain Bike trails. 
Hickory Ridge is very creative with names of ponds, lakes and trails.

 The balmy 5° brought out lots of people.

 Yay, most of us said as we passed each other on the ski trail. It is finally warm and we can get out!

Thankfully, Wednesday of this week, we woke to above 0 for the first time in over 45 days!!
And, no I am not kidding!

Thank you for coming along today on our trip to Hickory Ridge Trails!
Have a Happy Valentine's Weekend!


  1. That looks like fun and a great adventure in winter wonderland! Happy Valentine's Day !!

  2. It's amazing how warm 5 degrees can feel after having so many weeks in the negatives. Glad you were able to get out and enjoy the day with your family. Beautiful pictures...as usual.

  3. Beautiful adventure.
    Happy Valentines Day Carla

  4. I'm glad you were able to get out a bit! I could not take the winter you guys have up there. I am a summer girl for sure! Looks like you had fun but also got a good workout as well. It's hard to walk in the snow!

  5. Thanks for taking us along your trek. Enjoyed every bit of it! Happy Valentine's Day. Janice

  6. It's summer here but we are enjoying watching the skiing at the Winter Olympics. Cheers

  7. Have you noticed how what once seemed so cold and kept us all inside hibernating, is now a welcome relief? At work when we had the first week of below zero, the phone quit ringing, customers stopped coming in.Now? Just another day! Your trip looks fun, but glad I got to watch from the comfort of my couch :)

  8. You are stronger and more adventurous than me!!! Such pretty scenes!


High Fives from Wisconsin!