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Monday, February 24, 2014

Keep a smile on your face!

Have you ever had to stay on the high road?
How about in front of your kids?
It is hard. I had to do this with both my boys at my side.
 A true lesson learned in life.

How do you stay on the high road?
What are some ways you have taught your kids or others to stay on the high road?


  1. I can't think right now...lol. Just blowdryed my hair and my brain is fuzzy too! Trials bring out deeper love and loyalty for us toward each other, and birth sincere prayer. It's hard to put things into words...but when we need to ....we do. =) for sure. LIke how we will always be there for our children, and cheer them on.

  2. That is so true...but you have to wonder why people could be so mean as to make someone else have to do that.


  3. So very true! But like most everything in life, it's easier said than done. If I'm caught off guard and already in a bad mood, I tend to confront rude people in not a very good way! I try to take the high road, but it can be hard.

  4. True! If we don't take the 'high road,' we become just like them. And it was such a good example for your boys, Carla. How would Jesus respond? This was a good unspoken lesson.

  5. Another wonderful perspective to try and keep and live by. I do try, very hard sometimes, to live this. There are definitely times when that is harder said than done for sure.

  6. I have been trying to live "the unoffendable life". I find it easier and easier with time...

  7. As a business owner I've had to do this or risk losing customers.
    I've found that by remaining polite and understanding most peoples tempers
    are quickly defused!

  8. It's hard but important to try and do around your kids (and always!).


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