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Monday, June 2, 2014

Daffydown Dilly

 Daffydown Dilly came up in the cold from the brown mold, 
Although the March breezes blew keen in her face,
Although the white snow lay on many a place.

Our spring flowers did not do very well this year. All of my plants came up, but not many blooms.  I am not sure if it was because of the LONG COLD Winter we had? Or for other reasons. I was so sad because  I love daffodils. They are my favorite flower.
If you have any advice for me, please send it my way. I would love to have a bright Daffydown Dilly garden next Spring!


  1. I definitely think the cold (and long) Winter has something to do with it

  2. I don't know if this will help in your neck of the woods, but I spread leaves over all of my perrenials before the snow falls. I have daffys too. Janice

  3. In Georgia, we often have to dig up and re-plant them (they tend to get too deep and don't bloom as well.

  4. I just went for a walk in the woods and brought my camera to take photos of the fairy slippers. Turns out, just the leaves are up... no blooms yet! So perhaps it was this long cold winter that kept your daffodils from blooming? I don't know if there will be fairy slippers this year or not.

  5. I have no idea how to help, so sorry about the flowers.

  6. I don't have any advice but I will admire the beautiful pictures you took :)

  7. That is sooo disappointing :( I am hoping to get some daffodils planted this year, but haven't had them since I lived in the cities. I didn't have any problems then, but things were so sheltered then, and never went through this brutal of a winter. Nope next season is a million times better!

  8. Mine get less blooms when they get over crowded, but it could be the cold.


High Fives from Wisconsin!

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