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Friday, June 27, 2014

On The Road Friday ~ Red Cedar State Trail, Menomonie, Wisconsin


Each Friday, I try to take you on a little trip of someplace we have traveled. 

Today, we will ride our bikes on the Red Cedar State Trail.
 During the first weekend of June, Wisconsin State Parks host a free weekend. You are able to fish, visit state parks and trails for free. We have a state park sticker, but we do not have a bike sticker. We took the opportunity to ride one of the many beautiful bike trails in Wisconsin on June 8th during the free weekend.

 I am in the lead. My boys are coming along side me. Will they take me from down low or up high? We enjoyed our day. The weather was lovely. It was beautiful, full of green, flowers, sun and bugs. Yes, it was kind of funny, we rode our bikes into a swarm of bugs. Some type of  glasses are a good idea. 

Check out more about the fees and other information regarding the trail 

Trail passes can be purchased from inside the Visitor Center. 
The Visitor Center is also very nice and is worth going into. They have many fun displays of animals and stories. It is also kid friendly.

 The Red Cedar River is lapping along side much of the trail. We slowed down several times and enjoyed the river.

 The Red Cedar Trail is a four-season trail. It rests on the bed of the historic Red Cedar Junction railway. This railway serviced the Knapp-Stout &Co., the world's largest lumber producing company in the late 1800's. Over time these tracks were abandoned, and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources converted it into one of its showcase recreational trails.

Enjoy your weekend!
 Thank you for coming along today!


  1. That looks like a great wooded trail! We need to get a better bike carrier for our car now that we all have "big" bikes. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Many fine trails in Wisc. We've biked those around Sparta and Perot State Park near Trempealeau. Not to seem picky though with all the rain this summer we've stuck pretty close to Minnesota's blacktopped trails....

  3. It looks like a beautiful park to bike or hike in, thank you for taking us along.

  4. It sure is a pretty place to ride. When I was in my early 20's, I rode the bike trail at Georgia's Callaway Gardens. It is a lovely place in the southern part of the state.

  5. That looks like such a airy, lush green place, I would have loved to take my bike there....sounds like fun.

    Oh, and I think our marshmallows are slightly more Canadian tasting of maple sugar, and beer...that's a reference to Canada lol.


  6. With all your amazing adventures, you must make some unforgettable memories.

  7. Looks like fun! We have many bike trails here in Michigan and they are free. The closet near us is called the bridge to bay trail. It goes from Port Huron to New Baltimore. I have biked soe of it, but not all yet. Enjoy your weekend! Janice

  8. Sounds like a fun time! I do miss having a bike. Maybe one day I will get one back!

  9. Looks like a wonderful bike trail. I enjoy riding my bike on a new trail by my home.


High Fives from Wisconsin!

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