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Monday, June 23, 2014

Garden Update

Rain, Rain, Rain!
We have been blessed with rain. We have gotten a lot of rain. When I asked my friend Barry how many inches he has recorded so far for May and June, he said," FEET, Carla. We are talking about measuring in feet."
We all are happy for the rain, because we have struggled with drought in years past.
But if you are a farmer trying to make hay, well it has not been so easy.
As for working in the garden...that has not been easy.

Saturday was a beautiful day. We had several things we wanted to get done, because it was not raining. So I told me sweet husband, lets get up at 6am and head to the garden. We can get it all done right away in the morning. 

"Okay, that sounds good" my sweet husband agreed.

We headed out right away. We woke up, got dressed, grabbed a couple canteens of water and headed for the gardens.

We were working for about an hour or so and I started to get hungry for breakfast.
I told Jeremy that I start to think of my first cup of coffee and try to work faster and harder.
I started to tell him how excited I was to have breakfast, eggs, hash-browns, toast with my homemade grape jelly and COFFEE.

He kindly asked me to be quite. Or he would have to head home.

"Talking about what you are going to have when you get home does not help you work harder and faster?" I asked.
"No, it just makes me hungry!" he answered.

Me, working harder and faster to get home to coffee and breakfast.

We  got home at 9:30am and made a wonderful breakfast.
I was very thankful for Jeremy's help. We got the garden all cleaned up for another few days. The plants are doing okay. I have a few potatoes that rotted. And some of my plants are really slow growing. The beans are doing the best of all.

Guess what? It is raining again as I write this.
How is the weather at your house?

Happy Monday!


  1. What a glorious garden you've got! That takes a lot of work and dedication. We have our first mini raised bed garden this year as well as our normal pots with herbs in them. We've had beautiful weather but not much rain which is ok by me. As long as we get enough to keep things from drying out I'm good!

  2. Carla, your garden looks wonderful - weed free! The best thing in my little garden are tomato,s.
    Cucumbers looking good too. Between the flowers and garden, you have to be out there a little
    each day! Keeps the summer days busy.

  3. I love it! It is such a good size. It is too hot here for me, but normal temperatures for here. My four garden beds are covered with shade cloth, which lowers the temperature ten to fifteen degrees. I hope it works. My cats dug holes to the damp soil and they sit under there with their forearms in the hole. :) (Fortunately not doing something else, because they think it's a home.) It's pushing over ninety beneath it. I have more watermelons that are almost ripe. My tomatoes are still going strong and so are my carrots. I keep removing the heads off the herbs. Some things finished last month.

  4. Beautiful garden and I know that breakfast and big mug of coffee was great!
    We have had a wet spring also.

  5. Rainy here too! We need to find a happy medium!

  6. Hi Carla! Thanks so much for your visit! That's great that you got up early to get that work done. I like having something to look forward to as well (and that breakfast sounded delicious). You really have a huge veggie garden! We've had all that rain, too, in Illinois and Michigan. I am trying hard to keep up with the weeds but everything can't be perfect! We are in for some sun now so I am happy! :)


  7. You have a nice size garden. That's the way my hubby likes to work outside. Get it done early before breakfast. Sending you some of the Florida sunshine! Hugs, Diane

  8. Oh my goodness. That is so funny. Poor hungry Jeremy! I know the thought of that big breakfast would motivate me to work harder and faster :)


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