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Friday, June 20, 2014

Painted Turtle

Painted Turtle
The peaceful painted turtles
Basking in the sun,
You'll see them perching piggyback 
Or lined up one by one.
But if they sense you near them,
They will drop and dive from sight,
But soon they will reappear again
To soak up warmth and light.
Named for its BRIGHT colors.
Turtles Sunbathe
To warm their bodies,
To absorb Vitamin D,
To rid their shells of pests.
Painted Turtles eat water plants and some water insects, snails and fish.
Painted Turtles gather on rocks and fallen logs in quiet ponds and streams.
I hope you can bask in the sun, soak up some warmth and enjoy the first weekend of summer.
Happy Summer!
      Enjoy the weekend!


  1. What a great photo and poem!
    So far, we have sunshine for the weekend.
    Have fun!

  2. We actually have box turtles lay eggs in our yard each year. Many paints as we call them in the marsh near us too. Have a great weekend Carla! Janice

  3. She's a poet and I didn't know it. Well done. We have painteds here also a rare Blandings turtles....:)

  4. We were fishing last night and right next to us a painted turtle was laying her eggs. Very neat to see!!

  5. The weather looks nice so I hope I can too! What a cute turtle!

  6. There is a snapping turtle in the water pond at the farm...not to many of us willing to swim with him.

    I love the splash of color on this one's throat.


  7. I had a friend in elementary school whose family had a large indoor turtle pond in the living room (no less) with several turtle pets. We loved watching them! :)
    Enjoy basking in the summer sunshine,

  8. We are headed to WI this weekend. One of my daughter's favorite things to do is go along in the kayak with my husband and look for turtles. This post made me smile.

  9. Very interesting! Thanks for sharing about the Painted Turtle!


High Fives from Wisconsin!

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