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Friday, June 6, 2014

On the Road Friday ~ Richard I. Bong Veterans Historical Center, Superior, Wisconsin

We are on the road today. We are heading to the Richard I. Bong Veterans Historical Center, Superior, Wisconsin. 

The Richard I. Bong Veterans Historical Center is a testament to the courage of a man and a nation. From the moment you walk through its doors, you will travel back to times when ordinary people became extraordinary heroes. 
Lean about the service and sacrifices both on the battlefront and on the home front and above all, immerse yourself in the life of America's Ace of Aces' Dick Bong.

 "Marge", Fully Restored P-38 Lightning

On December 17th, 1944, Bong shot down his 40th enemy plane, at which point General George C. Kenney immediately sent him home. 
Bong's record still stands.
December 29th, 1944 : Came home after flying in 200 combat missions.

 One of the few surviving P-38s, this plane bears the markings of Richard Bong's famous "Marge" and serves as the centerpiece of exhibits.

 Winds of War

Feeling like you are right in the  South Pacific.

 Medal of Honor

 Model of the Lockheed P-80A Shooting Star

 Bong's family was not notified before the information was released  publicly, so Marge and members of his family learned of this death over the radio.

" Marge"
Marjorie Vattendahl and Major Richard Bong married on February 10th, 1945.
On August 6th, 1945, at age 24, Bong was killed in Burbank, California, when the P-80 he was testing crashed. 

Thank you for coming along today.
And may we all remember those who fought and died, worked and waited...
to maintain our freedoms.


  1. We pass that every time we go to Duluth and I think that we ought to go there some day. Definitely looks like something my husband would enjoy.

  2. Thank you so much for taking us along to this amazing place, and telling us about this amazing man.

  3. Your info about Richard Bong and Marge makes the tour of the museum much more interesting.

    How sad that he died so soon after they were married.

  4. That is heartbreaking...Marge was lovely. I enjoyed your posting. One veteran from WWII, Frank Emanuel was quoted in the paper as saying 'When I was 20, getting shot at and digging foxholes, I never thought I'd llive this long. Kinds today don't know what war is ......I Had the same pair of socks on y feet for four months'. In March he was presented with the French Legion of Honor medal....hey guess what audio book I'm listening to? Still Alice. I had it on pause for several hours while I cooked lunch for the roofing crew and I think it being on pause that long....broke the player. Just hope the cd is ok. =)

  5. What a wonderful place to visit this weekend.

  6. I love the photo of Marge. What a sweet gesture. Safe travels.

  7. Very interesting, Carla.. My grandson would love this post,.xo..

  8. You are always doing such fun things together as a family. Great pictures and great adventure. Thanks for taking as along and sharing your beautiful pictures.

  9. Thanks for sharing about this hero of our country. Hope you had a wonderful road trip. We will have to put this place on our list of places to visit.

  10. Well done. I didn't know about the museum but noted the bridge named in his honor as we crossed from Superior to Duluth last summer on our return home from the Apostle Islands....

  11. My husband would love visiting this museum. When we travel, we try to find air museums that interest him. I like them too. It's so nice to learn more about the history of our country. You took good photos to share! Thanks! Hugs, Diane

  12. You have the most wonderful field trips!!! But I am sorry to hear the ending of the story on this one. Such a short life with his new wife. :-(

    Thanks for commenting on little Lucy today, Carla. ♥

  13. Love to read it,Waiting For More new Update and I Already Read your Recent Post its Great Thanks. Best Percolator Bong


High Fives from Wisconsin!

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