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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

How to Make Colored Fire

During our recent camp trip to Wildcat Mountain State Park, Wisconsin, we were introduced to a colored fire.
Our friend Lori has a very creative landlady. She wanted to share her old Girl Scout camping day trick with us on how to make a colored fire.

She gave us copper tubes and we needed to place rubber garden hose inside. Then we placed the copper tube into the fire.
And look at this!!

 Amazing color!

 Watching the color was a lot of fun.
The boys loved it and thought it was so cool!

 Do you add anything fun to your fires?
Or know of any other fun camping tips we could share with our boys?


  1. Looks like blogger ate my comment! I love the colors and will get my hubby to do this.....even while burning things on the burn pile. I've never seen anything like that before. Hope your summer is lots of lazy....lol.

  2. That is so cool! So did you have to cut up an old garden hose? We've bought the color changing logs from Duraflame for our indoor fireplace.

  3. I must show this to the husband, I am sure he and his scout troop would have fun with this.

  4. Oh my I think I could have gotten into lots of trouble during my teenage years with something like that......:)

  5. This would be so much fun. Pretty photos.
    As a kid in the 60's, I remember crystals that came out at Christmas to sprinkle in the fireplace to make colored flames.

  6. In the summer we like to sit outside by our firepit and just watch the fire. I notice different colors, but nothing like what you created. How fun!

  7. What I like to put in the fire is a long, skinny stick with a big fat marshmellow skewered on the end of it. Toast it a bit, then smash it between half a Hershey's chocolate bar and 2 graham cracker halves.

  8. I know the copper trick, but never heard about the garden hose. Will have try that some night! Years ago when my parents had an indoor fireplace, I would buy them cans of "sprinkles" to add to the fire that would add neat colors.

  9. My brother-in-law also has put old tangled-up Christmas tree lights in campfires. Remove the glass bulbs and plastic holders first though. Here's a link -

  10. How fun! I've never seen this done before, but know my kids would think this would be awesome!! :)

  11. That is lovely, we'll have to try it!

  12. WOW. That looks incredible. Your pictures look amazing but I am sure, in person, it's even more spectacular.


High Fives from Wisconsin!

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