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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Big Gourd

The  Big  Gourd
Last November the boys tossed a few of our frozen gourds in the garden and played hockey with them. 
This spring we had two volunteer gourd plants growing. 
We left them to grow to see what would happen. To our surprise the plant grew, ONE BIG GOURD!

I added some fun twine to dress up The Big Gourd.

The Big Gourd became a fun Autumn centerpiece for the dinning room table.

 Have you had a volunteer plant in your garden? Did you keep it or pull it out?
This was a fun experiment for us. We are still chuckling that the plant only  had, One Big Gourd!


  1. That is one big gourd. What a funny story about how it came to be :)

  2. How cool!! I have never seen one with green at the top and bottom Janice

  3. And what a beautiful gourd she is. I planted a rusty wagon garden this year. I had four tomatoes, a few strawberries and one eggplant. You should see it. It is still on the vine. It is probably less than a golf ball size, hah. But I am still one proud mama.
    Come to the Country Living Fair next year. You can stay with us.

  4. I've never seen that kind of a gourd before, what is it?
    The colour is just perfect for a Fall table, for sure!
    I have had volunteer tomato plants that bore a second year once.

  5. It put all of it's energy in making the most beautiful gourd! How neat is that! We used to have tomatoes come up in the flower bed. Sometimes we would just leave them to see if they produced. Hugs!

  6. What a neat looking gourd! I have a few volunteer plants - problem is they always come up in the wrong spot so I don't let them stay or I try to replant them. That's how I got super tall sunflowers last year.

  7. That is one huge gourd...going to make a bird house out of it?


  8. I usually leave the volunteer plants! I love surprises! Well.... those kind of surprises :)

  9. What a beauty! We know how fun volunteer things can be. We have squash that came up free and oh so wrinkley! And portulaccas galore. Its hard to weed anything like that out and what fun to get something like you did.!

  10. Sharon K.

    That gourd is just huge! And very colorful. Looks right at home on your table.
    What fun to see that in the garden!!

  11. That is an awesome gourd!! I love how you decorated it!


High Fives from Wisconsin!