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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Summer Comes and Summer Goes

 The Summer comes and the Summer goes;
Wild~flowers are fringing the dusty lanes,
The swallows go darting through fragrant rains,
Then, all of a sudden~it snows.
Thomas Bailey Aldrich
 Our colors are just starting to burst here in Wisconsin. It is just beautiful! A perfect Autumn color weekend coming up! A lot of dark red and dark orange color so far this Autumn. We have been blessed with amazing warm weather the last few days.
There is no season such delight can bring,
As Summer, Autumn, Winter and the Spring.
William Browne

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  1. You are ahead of us and I love your pictures, especially the waterfall. Today is one of our coolest mornings so far...53. It is beautiful!

  2. Love your beautiful photos. Fall is one of my favorite seasons!

  3. You are ahead of us as well. I have been surprised that we are starting to get the color so early. Fall is such a beautiful time.

  4. Beautiful photography, Carla!! I could have done without that poetic reminder of snow, though. Lol Just kidding. The poems were a great addition. :-)

  5. You mentioned that bad four letter word...dare I say it again...snow...brrrr. Colors are just starting to tur here, but the nights are cool. Thanks for mentioning my giveaway. Will give you an extra chance now. Janice

  6. I love the colors of Fall! It even felt nice and cool here in Florida today! Enjoy your evening! (I entered the giveaway, too...hope one of us WINS! heehee) Hugs, Diane

  7. Already Carla --- you have such beautiful colors!!
    And your orange mushroom!! Sweet!!

  8. As you are enjoying the beginning of fall, I am embracing the warmer weather and new growth of Spring.
    Where I live in NZ, we don't get a cold enough autumn for a magnificent colourful leaf display. Enjoy.

  9. beautiful Fall photos. I especially love the one about that red mushroom.

  10. There is nothing more beautiful than Wisconsin in the Autumn, enjoy.

  11. It is indeed a beautiful time of the year here in the Upper Midwest. With the golden oranges and bright red every bit as nice as the leaf peepers who travel to the Ozarks or New England see.....:)

  12. I love the water picture, it is beautiful! We are starting to get some color here, but this coming weekend should be prime!


High Fives from Wisconsin!