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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

It is a Splish Splash Hodgepodge

It is Wednesday! Time for the Hodgepodge.
Joyce asks us the questions.
We answer the questions.

1. When did you last 'swim against the tide'? Explain.

 I just never really got into saying the Fword. 
The Fword seems to be the thing. I hear it every place I go.

I swim against the tide of saying the Fword.

My real struggle is explaining the Fword to my boys. 
My boys both are in shooting sports and shoot with the Rice Lake Warrbirds. My son Sam is on a squad with some young men who are trying to find who they are?? I do not know, they just swear and say the Fword every chance they get. Why?
When did the Fword become a word? 

I guess I will continue to swim against the tide and I am going to teach my boys to do the same.

 2. What's the last self-help or self-improvement book you read?

3"Tolerance is a tremendous virtue, but the immediate neighbors of tolerance are apathy and weakness." (Sir James Goldsmith) 

Agree or disagree? Discuss. With civility please, because I think we have a good thing going in our very diverse (in geography, age, religion, political persuasion, ethnicity, marital status, upbringing, and cooking abilities) neighborhood here on This Side of the Pond.

We can choose to be tolerant of something and at the same time choose not to participate in that something. While we choose not to participate in that something, may we be setting an example.

 4. What is one of your most vivid memories of the kitchen from your childhood?

I grew up in an old farmhouse. The kitchen was huge! It was the place we spent most of our family time. We had a potbelly stove in our kitchen. My sister and I would cuddle up behind the wall and stove on cold winter nights.  I also loved the cupboards, they were so deep. My sister and I could hide easily in them when we played hide and seek.

 5. How did/do your own children's summers compare with your summers as a child? If you're not a parent, answer as it relates to what you've observed about the current generation of children vs. your own childhood.

I grew up on a dairy farm. I helped make hay the old fashioned way. My dad drove the tractor, the baler was behind the tractor, the hay wagon behind the baler. I would be on the hay wagon with my mom and sister. I loved making hay. We would ride the elevator up to the hay mow. My dad put a rope swing up in the hay mow for my sister and me to play on. The best part about making hay, we always went swimming after. I loved going swimming with my dad. He would toss us up in the air and we would  dive or splash into the water.

My boys are growing up in town. They do get to spend a few weeks on my parents farm each summer. My dad no longer makes his own hay, he has it custom baled into huge round bales. 
My boys have made up their own game with the round bales. Bale jumping! They jump from one bale to the other. I am thankful our boys get to  experience some of what I did with summers on the farm.

6. Tell us what body of water you would most like to be on or near today, and why?

Lake Superior
I love Lake Superior. 
My grandma Martha would take me up to Ashland, Wisconsin to shop and enjoy the lake at a very young age. I just fell in love with the moods of Lake Superior.
I met my husband while he was attending Michigan Tech in  Houghton, Michigan. We dated for two years and many of the explores we enjoyed during those dating years was around Lake Superior.

 7.  Share a favorite song about water, or a favorite song with the word water in it's title, or a favorite song to listen to as you sit beside the water.

Splish, Splash I was taking a bath!
This song just makes me smile.
8. Insert your own random thought here. 

If you have not made a York Peppermint Patty Smore, give it a try the next time you have a Smore making day or night. Yummy!


  1. Peppermint Patty S'more-now that sounds inviting!

  2. I do not say the F-word and I do not swear at all. It's not necessary and I think it's an easy way to attract attention. Stick with it and don't let your boys use that language! I made sure my daughters didn't - and I know they went through some years in college when they "dropped" the words sometimes because others did...but now I don't think it's part of their conversation. Thankfully.

  3. Your post jogged my memory of hiding in the kitchen cupboards. When dad would come home from work, mom would tell him to "find me." lol
    The s'more looks tasty and the video was fun.

  4. Oh yum on the peppermint s'more! I've never tried that!! I love your childhood memories! So wonderful! It's nice that your boys get to spend time at the farm too!

  5. So many good thoughts here, Carla. Just give me the peppermint patty. You can keep the rest. Lol. I think the F-word has been around since at least Anglo Saxon times. Isn't it odd how a few letters can be determined to be a bad word. And then of course it's used as every possible part of speech. We were always taught that it was a sign of a limited vocabulary, which seems to be true. Love your photos today and the mental images of your boys jumping bales. Lovely post!

  6. Peppermint Patties are my favorite!! I have never thought to use them in S'mores. We'll be trying this out soon for certain.

  7. The Fword is used much to frequently and I'm with you, when did it become a word?!! It is one of those that needs to be eliminated from society's vocabulary! Peppermint Patty smores? Interesting...will let the hubby try those out...he's my taster! :-)

  8. Oooohhh!!! I'll have to try the peppermint s'mores!

  9. You're making me hungry for something sweet! Have a wonderful week sweet friend. Hugs, Diane

  10. Good answer for #1 it is used way too much.

  11. I grew up on a farm also. I helped with the bailing. My mom drove the tractor and my brothers and I pulled the bails back to my dad who stacked them. Too bad we didn't have the fun of going swimming after all that hard work! Sounds enjoyable and would have made a hard chore more bearable. :-)

  12. Love the red colour of the upturned craft ...

    I have some special memories of my dear mum cooking / baking in the family kitchen - always busy and the aroma's were just gorgeous.

    All the best Jan

  13. Love the red colour of the upturned craft ...

    I have some special memories of my dear mum cooking / baking in the family kitchen - always busy and the aroma's were just gorgeous.

    All the best Jan

  14. I baled hay too. Just did not like when a snake or bird was found in the bales. Yuck. Peppermint patty smores sound yummy! Janice

  15. Peppermint smores look interesting, and yes the Fword is over used everywhere.

  16. The song Splish Splash brought back some memories of my youth. I could eat a smore but iI better not...

  17. Love this, I especially enjoyed learning more about where you grew up and your Summers in that huge kitchen! Oh and anytime I get a tip involving a peppermint patty? Friends for life!

  18. We love Superior all the way around. Last week at Copper Harbor & by ferry to Isle Royal Last summer at Bayfield & the Apostle Islands . And 2 years ago at the
    Soo & g0ing thru the locks....:)

  19. I didn't realize lakes have such waves. Sounds like a great spot. York Peppermint Patties on a smore- haven't tried that. I did make one the other night with a Goldberg's peanut chew though and it was delish! Have a great rest of the week :)

  20. I loved when my dad would make hay bales! Just driving down the highways smelling hay I get the most wonderful memories back to those days. You too?

  21. 6. Tell us what body of water you would most like to be on or near today, and why?
    Easy, Loch Lomond in Scotland.
    I've just made a new rule that you are allowed to go on about your vacation for two full weeks without being considered a bore. But I'm almost against the time limit and might push it to three :-)

  22. I find the fword offensive. It wasn't allowed at home in my childhood....my parents never used it.....I don't stick around with people who use it......keep up your courage.....it's not classy....it's not christian......it's inappropriate language. I want something uplifting, purity, and beauty. It is these qualities I want to share with other's and that is why I don't choose to use it.


High Fives from Wisconsin!