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Friday, October 11, 2019

Moving Day ~ to 3rd Street in Eau Claire

 Moving Day
The last week of September we moved our son Sam to his first apartment. He is attending college in Eau Claire and has his Wisconsin National Guard work at Camp Douglas and Fort McCoy. Making the commute each and everyday from his home here in Cameron was getting to be long. He also was wanting to start out on his own. We started our apartment search in June, shortly after he graduated from AIT at Fort Gordon, Georgia.
Eau Claire is a college town and a growing city. In fact it is one of the three fastest growing cities in Wisconsin. We waited it out and found a fun apartment for Sam at the start of September.
 The apartment is on the upper level of a 100 year old house. A family lives below. They have made an apartment out of the upper level of the home. We think from the steep steps you have to climb we may be using the servant steps to get up to the apartment.
 Original woodwork and character are through out the apartment. Because our home is also a 100 year old home that Sam has helped and watch as we remodeled each room as he grew up. We called it our "This Old House Project"  I think this old time charm was something that made Sam smile when he first looked at the apartment.

 He has a claw tub. 

 He is just a block from the river. He may be able to see the river from his bedroom window this winter when the leaves are off the trees.
Eau Claire has made an old railway into a walking, running and biking path. The bridge you see in the photo is called the High Bridge. It is a beautiful bridge and well lite at night.

 Sam has to keep up with his physical fitness for the guards. I was excited to find that the trails are so close to his apartment. He enjoys the outdoors, so a river run will be perfect for him.

 Jeremy built Sam a new desk. This was Sam's design, using pipes as the legs.

I will show you more photos as the apartment becomes home for Sam. 
We found a few items at The Hope Gospel Missions Bargain Center in Eau Claire. We will peek in to that store again, they have a great turn around on inventory with new items coming in daily.
We also plan to head to the big city to check out what  we may find at IKEA.

Sam is enjoying school. He had a long Drill weekend this past weekend. And I LOVE that he is only an hour away. 



  1. The apartment looks so perfect! I love the old charm it has and that desk Jeremy made is awesome! You must be happy to have him settled and not too far away. The rive walk area sound wonderful too. Congrats to all!

  2. Everything is falling into place so nicely. I love the charm of the old apartment.
    Best of luck to Sam as he settles in his new apartment. You must be so happy for him.
    Take care, Hugs, Julia

  3. How PERFECT! This is the kind of place we lived in the first year we were married, an upstairs apartment of an older house. We were across the street from a huge cemetery, and on rainy days I would watch funerals from the window. His place is really lovely, and I look froward to the things you buy to finish furnishing it. The kitchen table and chairs are so sweet. Horray, an hour away!!!

  4. I am loving that apartment!!! At first I worried about the stairs and winter but I see that they are inside. Glad that went well. That's great about the trails being close by also.

  5. Eau Claire is such a nice little city. Your son's apartment looks really comfy and it has a lot of character. It's a big transition when kids break out on their own. :)

  6. Oh, that apartment is absolutely perfect! Like it was meant for Sam. He must be so excited. Sam sure has a loving, caring, mom and dad.

  7. How are our kids so big already?!
    It looks like Sam found a good spot to start out - I love the woodwork, and that the river is so close! It looks just about perfect.

  8. How nice for Sam. I like that he has a family living downstairs. Seems safer for his first apartment. I know you will have it fixed up nicely for him to be comfy. I bet he is excited to have his own place while attending school.
    Have a happy Saturday.

  9. It is such a perfect apartment for Sam! And, I love the desk. They did a great job on it! Very neat that the city converted the old railway and the community can enjoy it.

  10. Awe...doesn't that all sound lovely and perfect might I say.
    What a beautiful older home and a blessing to have a family living downstairs.
    The town sounds quite unique and to have the river so close, such beauty.
    An hour away, that's nothing at all, another blessing. ♡

  11. Thank you all for his service and your support for our country. I love the stairway and old wood trim. Lovely.

  12. The apartment looks perfect … and how nice that Sam is only one hour away :)

    All the best Jan

  13. Looks a great first apartment for Sam and being close must be comforting. Hope he's settling in well.

  14. Wow, that house looks so cool. I am in love with all the old details. I'm sure that's not what Sam is excited about though! Ha! I bet you're happy there's a family living below. That would make me feel better for sure. Good luck to him! How exciting!!

  15. What a cute little apartment. Is he sharing with friends or living by himself in it?


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