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Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Keeping Fish .. part 2

 If you have been following the story about my keeping fish.. it all started this summer when I made a whiskey barrel water feature in our garden.

Well come late October, I knew I needed to bring the fish inside or they would freeze in our Wisconsin winter. I brought them inside and all was well. Until, I over fed them and one died.

 I learned to be more careful on my feeding of the fish. They all are happy swimming in their fish bowl, with my pond plant happily growing. Do you see in the very top photo how lovey that pond plant is, so lush and green, did I mention so lush. 
Do you see it now, not so lush.
My .14 cent fish have eaten my pond plant. And yes, the pond plant cost more then the fish.
Oh well, the fish are happy.. and Spring is only a good five months away. Here in Wisconsin Spring does not come to stay until the last week of May. And I am not kidding.
Will the three fish make it back to the whiskey barrel for another fun summer in the sun?
To Be Continued...
Poor pond plant.. it was so lush and green.


  1. Oh my they like your pond plant. I guess they are on the band wagon of everyone wanting to eat plant based foods lol! Why not fish too.

  2. I hope they survive until you can put them back outside.

  3. Sounds about right . . . silly fish. I'm glad they enjoyed their gourmet greens! LOL!

  4. LOL! I like Ruth's comment above … and yes they did enjoy their gourmet greens!

    All the best Jan

  5. The saga continues! I hope they make it to Spring!

  6. Ha! And everyone said fish are the easiest pets to have!!

  7. Wow, they really did eat up that plant! Sorry you lost one and praying the other's continue to do well.

  8. Oh my! I would have not expected them to eat the plant!
    I wonder what will be next in your fish adventure?

  9. The first picture before the fish snacked on the plant looks so pretty. I had no idea fish ate plants.


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