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Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Howdy Hodgepodgers... 'keep calm and Hodgepodge on'

It is back.. Welcome to the Wednesday Hodgepodge.
Joyce asks the questions.
We answer the questions.

 1. Howdy Hodgepodgers. It's kind of fun to be back, isn't it?  Last time we met was September, 2018. Tell me something big-important-happy-or sad that's happened in your life since that date. Just one thing. We don't know how long this current isolation situation is going to last and we might need to dole out our news bit by bit.

 Our son Sam graduated high school May of 2018. In September he went on to basic training at Fort Jackson, South Carolina. In November of 2018 he graduated from basic training and went on to AIT training at Fort Gordon, Georgia. In May of 2019 he graduated from AIT.

While Sam was at basic training he was not able to talk with us by phone or text. We communicated the old fashioned way, letters, mail, it is called mail, for 10 weeks. Oh my, you should have seen me each day as I ran out to peek in the mailbox to see if we received a letter from Sam.
Today he is on standby with his Wisconsin National Guard unit as we continue to wade the waters of this virus. 

2. Might as well get this out of the way early on...COVID-19. On a scale of 1-5 how serious are you about keeping your distance? Explain. fyi-I didn't create the scale but have seen it several places online. Also fyi-we won't only have virus related questions each week, but for this first one it feels right.

1-Not at all, living normally
2-Cautious but still going out
3-Going out as needed, mostly home or working from home, still seeing friends/family
4-Extremely limited, only going out when unavoidable, minimal contact with people
5-Full lockdown, no one in or out

I feel our family is 3.. our state of Wisconsin is on a Stay at Home Order. 

 I have been home just about two full weeks. My part time work at Daybreak closed last week until May 1st or longer if needed.
Our senior in high school son is working part time at his job at Blain's Farm and Fleet. Store hours are cut back. He shared with me they have changed the store policies for customers. He also said they wear gloves and do a lot of cleaning. ( LOL .. a teenage boy and a lot of cleaning.)

My husband is still able to work at his office. With the new Stay at Home Order that may change, he will know more in the morning.
3. Raise your hand if you think you might run out of steam in the cooking department before it's all said and done? What's something delcious you've cooked or eaten in your own kitchen in the past week?

My husband made Reuben sandwiches for St. Patrick's Day.
And I made Irish Soda bread.
 4. What's a television show or movie you've seen recently (it could be an oldie) that you really liked?

 5. Share something funny you've seen or heard this week.

My friend Deb sent me this funny about a cat holding a sign that said "he wanted to be let out.. if you would let him out.. he would give you toilet paper."

6. Insert your own random thought here.
Thank you Joyce, for bringing the Hodgepodge back.
And remember friends, we are all in this together. 
Check on each other, text message, e mail, send a card in the mail or call. 
Don't fight for bread, eggs or toilet paper. Don't get mad at the associates working at the store.
Those working in the stores are doing the best they can.. we all are doing the best we can.
Don't be  afraid if you see National Guard in your communities. They are there to help. They are setting up testing areas, transporting needs for hospitals and much more.
Remember a SMILE can go a long way.. we can do this!


  1. Love your positivity. We're definitely at a 4 and I expect if figures continue to rise we'll end up being a 5.

  2. Would say we're at level 4. At 30 weeks pregnant I only leave the house for my OB appointments. My baby shower and maternity photo shoot were canceled. My hubby has gone grocery shopping and to get the mail from our PO Box. Everything else we've had delivered by Amazon to our doorstep. Sending you well wishes. xox

  3. So many changes as we all try to adjust to a new normal. Thank you to your son for his service. I would love for my son-in-law to be assigned to Ft. Gordon as that would be within driving distance for us. Stay well!

  4. Hi Carla. I am so glad the Hodgepodge is back. I haven't blogged in a long time but think now is a good time to start again. Congratulations on your son's graduation and service. My daughter is graduating this year but I don't think there will be any graduation ceremonies with all that is going on. Also choosing a college without on campus tours is interesting ;) Stay well.

  5. Congrats to Sam and God bless him in his new responsibilities with this pandemic! We had Reuben sandwiches, too, so yummy. Stay safe!

  6. A wonderful post, so encouraging. Sam is so handsome in his uniform, congratulations to him.


  7. It's a fun distraction to see Hodge Podge back...I always enjoy reading your answers. Stay safe!!

  8. Sam is brave and handsome, a young man to be so proud of! Glad to hear you are doing well. Today for breakfast I cracked eggs into muffin cups, topped each with a tablespoon heavy cream, then a tablespoon parmesan. Baked them at 400 for 7 minutes. They were delicious!

  9. God bless your son and thank him for his service and your food looks scrumptious. Making me hungry for a grilled sandwich like that.

  10. Fun to be back today. Praying for Sam. Also praying for your son and husband who are working. Sure, you had to show me that reuben again...LOL! I saw a joke that said "My house was TP'd, it's now worth $800,000!

  11. Lovely positive post. Congrats to Sam!

  12. Yay! The hodgepodge is back! I think we are at a 4, which for us just means that music lessons were cancelled and church will be online for a while. We're such homebodies! LOL We all miss seeing our friends, though. I'm thankful for the internet, so we can keep in touch at least a little bit!

  13. Your answers Carla are always so great. Love seeing that handsome son of yours in uniform and giving to his country. I know how proud you are of him. I am staying at home except to walk Buddy when I can. He and I have full on conversations lol as we walk the neighborhood. I use to talk to my dog but now I find myself talking to him alot!!! Terry is working long hours still I think this is going to be the norm for us for awhile. Stay safe sweet friend. Lets hope this comes to an end in the coming months without a lot of deaths. xoxo

  14. Lovely to read this post …
    I enjoyed seeing your photographs too.
    Sam looks great and your food delicious.

    Take care in these uncertain times.

    All the best Jan

  15. I'm coming out of solitude today to wish you good health and safety for you and your family as the Covid-19 virus is making it's rounds around the world. Here we are well but at high risk if we contract Covid-19.
    I love your positive attitude.
    We are getting signs of spring, daffodils are popping out of the ground in a sheltered spot, I saw my first Robin and the River St John in front of our house is now open.
    Stay strong and safe.
    Hugs, Julia

  16. It's fun to see hodgepodge back. What a great photo of Sam! I'd say we're at 3.5.

  17. Yay for the Hodgepodge! We're holding at about a 3.5 right now. Both still working, me mainly from home. Cliff has been staying more local. Stay safe!


High Fives from Wisconsin!

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