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Wednesday, July 29, 2020

August is Knock, Knock, Knocking and it is the Hodgepodge!

Hello Friends!
August is knock, knock, knocking and it is the Hodgepodge!
Joyce asks the questions.
We answer the questions.

 1. Last time you moved house? Something you've learned in moving house?
In May we moved our National Guard Son back home. His lease was up at the end of May. He knew he would be deployed for the summer. He decided it best to move his things back home. The twist to this move was.. he was deployed.. so his brother, dad and mom packed and moved him.

What I learned during this move.. always have a black permanent marker in your pocket.

 2. Move mountains, move along, make a wrong move, moved to tears, get a move on, move up, move over, move out of the way, move the deck chairs on the Titanic, move it!...pick one and tell us how it fits your recent circumstances.
 Move Along
Last week we had to help our son find a "new to him" car.  
With the virus, nothing is normal, and add the fact that auto shopping is not a favorite of mine.
I am happy to report we found a nice car for Atticus and he is moving along!

 3. What have you been doing to make yourself move (aka stay fit-active) during these strange times?
I am a walker. My routine has not changed. And I am so thankful for that. I love my daily walk.

 4. This week's calendar includes celebrations for the following foods-

National Coffee Milkshake Day (Sunday), National Creme Brûlée Day (Monday), National Milk Chocolate Day (Tuesday), National Chicken Wing Day (Wednesday), National Lasagne Day (Wednesday), National Cheesecake Day (Thursday), and National Avocado Day (Friday)

Which one on the list would you be most inclined to celebrate? Which would you be most inclined to skip?

High Fives to Avocado Day
Thumbs Down to National Cheesecake Day .. I know, I know.. but I am not a fan of cheesecake. 

 5. Next week's Hodgepodge lands in August! I know!! Raise your hand if you feel like July flew by in the blink of an eye? Now bid farewell to your July acrostic style. If you don't know what that means click here.

J.. Japaneses Beetles they are a nasty beetle that like to eat our raspberry plants. Happy to report the population of these pests are not as high as in years past.
U.. Umbrella, we received over 6 inches of rain in July. My husband used the umbrella a few times to grill.
L.. Life continues to move forward, as we help our 2020 graduate plan his next steps. He has decided to work full time the Autumn semester and look at starting at Chippewa Valley Technical College in the Spring. 
Y.. Yeti, loving my Yeti. I make up an infused water and place some ice cubes in it, it stays cold all day long, even during 105 degree heat index day. My Yeti is also extra special because it was a gift to me from my National Guard Son.


6.  Insert your own random thought here. 
Baseball is Back!
 I listened to our Milwaukee Brewer's on the radio. It was great to listen to a ballgame.


  1. It's nice that some things are kind of returning to normal. I don't like car shopping either. Good job on getting Atticus all set up for school and work. Avocado day sounds amazing!

  2. I'm with you with thumb up for National Avocado Day and thumb down for all those National food day of unhealthy food stuff. Who comes up with that kind of stuff anyway.

    I'm glad that Aticus has his own car now and Your graduate has decided to work. Yay for you to be a walker.
    Stay safe and healthy
    Hugs Julia

  3. Come! August! Which is the beginning of Late Summer!

    I have had enough, of High Summer, thank~you.

    Great that you got your son moved back, and a car for your son! Hooray for accomplishments.

    If I could consume caffeine, I would love a coffee milk shake!!!!!

    Lovely photo, btw.

    Japanese Beetle love our grape vines. But! Our cardinals love to eat them!!!!

    Good for your son, making a decision, about his post HS plans. Seem like the very best decision, at this time of upheaval. Best luck to him!!!!

    My random thought.... Horse racing continues without Political *Statements*! Hockey begins tonight, without Political *Statements*!!!! HOOOOOORAY!!!!!

    Gentle hugs,
    Please may I ask you, to read my post.

  4. Car shopping is the worst any time! Enjoyed your hodgepodge answers. Have a great day :)

  5. Oh, cheesecake is my favorite food of all time. My husband used to ask the restaurant servers to bring it as my appetizer instead of dessert at restaurants. It has to be a certain kind of Cheesecake though. I'm NY style all the way. Big surprise! Hahaha! Congrats on the car!! He must be so psyched!!

  6. Ah, baseball...I am a Mets fan, I bleed orange and blue, and yes, it’s great to have baseball again, isn’t it?

  7. The Yetis are so popular around here; big signs out in front of the stores that sell them. Glad that Atticus is doing so well and has a good car now!

  8. I love to walk, but our neighborhood is steep so I don't do much walking here. I'm glad your boys are making decisions and moving forward in life. I feel like their generation has really had a lot to figure out during this virus. Your raspberries look yummy! I love them!

  9. The marker is a good point! Glad you found a car for Atticus. I love avocados but I like cheesecake more. Enjoy your baseball. I will go and check that Yeti out now....

  10. I am loving our July here, summer finally arrived, and my garden is growing wonderfully. We had a cold long spring/summer, and it is nice to finally get some sunshine. I am not quite ready for August, but I know it is just about here, ha! I am a walker too... it is the best part of my day. I hate moving with a passion... how wonderful that you were able to move your son while he was deployed, a blessing! Much love to you dear friend!

  11. Yes! That black marker is very important in a move for sure! Our son shared a yeti with his dad, too, and it is coming in handy while he works on his shop. Happy for you that you can enjoy baseball again! Have a great end to July!!

  12. It sounds like things are moving along nicely for you Carla despite everything. We are opposites when it comes to the food choices lol. I've never managed to acquire the taste for avocados but I do love a cheesecake. Don't you just love how Lego moves with the times?

  13. I'll pass on the cheesecake, too! My hubby likes it, so he gets it as a dessert when we go out.

    Prayers for your deployed son, that must be heavy on your heart, especially with the world right now.

  14. Love reading all your answers. Can you believe it is August already. Summer is going way too fast. Have a great day today.

  15. I love that you walk every day! I'm not quite up to every day! And I agree...would enjoy listening to a ball game. That sounds so normal and summertime happy. You'll like my post today. I can't wait for you to read it! Hugs, Diane

  16. Walking is so good and enjoyable.

    I like avocado and cheesecake, in fact we have avocado and prawns for a starter tonight.

    Enjoy your weekend, and happy August wishes.

    All the best Jan

  17. Fun hodgepodge. The return of baseball has made me deliriously happy. Im so sorry the Cardinals are in seclusion with the virus spreading. Ugh. Please baseball,s tay. Please virus leave our boys of Summer alone

  18. I can't believe it is already August! And, you have certainly received much more rain than we have this year. I think we will have to water our garden tonight, it's a rare year that we have to do that. I'm glad Atticus has good transportation so he can keep moving along!


High Fives from Wisconsin!