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Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Sweet~Sweet~Summer and it is the Hodgepodge.

It is Wednesday and that means it is time for the Hodgepodge.
 Joyce asks the questions.
We answer the questions.

 1. The sweetness of summer...where have you found it recently? If you're in the Southern hemisphere, feel free to tell us about the sweetness you're finding in winter.
 Enjoying summer nights with my family.
We usually go for a walk in the evening. Watching the sunset, hearing the crickets and seeing  fireflies, all are sweet summer memory makers for me.

2. Take your sweet time, sweet tooth, home sweet home, short but sweet, the sweet smell of success, sweet talk...choose a sweet idiom and tell us how it fits your life currently?

 Home Sweet Home
 Our travel plans for this summer have been cancelled. We have been enjoying our backyard, garden and neighborhood friends.

 3. Sweet as honey, sweet as sugar, or sweet as pie, which phrase do you use when a sweet phrase is called for? What's the last sweet treat you indulged in?

Sweetie Pie.. I am known to say that to a certain Mr. in my house.
"Hey, Sweetie Pie"
 Below is a photo of my last sweet treat I indulged in.

4. First thing that comes to mind when you hear the word fidget?

A neighbor that use to live down the street.

  5. Share with us one of your favorite childhood travel memories.

A road trip to Michigan with my mom and grandpa.
Our destination was taking my grandpa to visit his brother, Steve,  who he had not seen in years and years.  
We took the ferry across Lake Michigan.
Witnessing my grandpa reunited with his brother was very special for me. 
The trip was a special time with my mom, it was just the three of us, my mom, me and my grandpa. We shared many laughs. 
One of the best laughs was when I fell asleep during the drive holding my milkshake. My mom was trying to wake me, my body jumped and my milkshake flew all over my grandpa.


 6. Insert your own random thought here. 

Continue to pray for protection and healing from COVID19.

Our Wisconsin National Guard son has been helping with the COVID19 testing.
He has been deployed to Milwaukee since April and his mission will be complete at the end of July. Over the weekend seven of his teammates got ill and tested positive with COVID19. One teammate has been hospitalized.  Sam is currently quarantined, he was tested Monday for COVID19 and will have the results today. At this time he is feeling fine.


  1. I love that coneflower with the grasshopper in it! What a great photo. I'm keeping your son in my prayers. He's been such a great help this summer and I hope and pray all of these fine young men and women stay healthy and safe. And those that have the virus get over it quickly. Take care! Hugs!

  2. I loved your road trip memory with your grandfather and mom! Thinking of you all and praying Sam is healthy!

  3. Best wishes for Sam!!!!!!!

    To test negative!!!!!!


  4. Those sweet treats look so delicious. Sending prayers for your son!

  5. Carla, I am praying for Sam. All of you...cause I know we love our children and all that goes on with them effects us too.
    I really like the story of your trip with your mom and grandfather. It was special. Blessings, xoxo, Love you, Susie

  6. Oh gosh! Please let us know the results of the Covid test! What a wonderful memory that trip was.

  7. Wow! Hats off to your dear son. Hope he tests negative. Fun memory of your trip. Fireflies are something we don't experience here. What fun they must be. That sweet treat looks very good!

  8. I do hope your son stays well and comes back with a negative test. We have fireflies here, I grew up calling them lightning bugs : ) Your sweet treat looks yummy!

  9. I love your answers. I've been praying for your son Sam and hoping he tested negative.
    Hugs, Julia

  10. Prayers for Sam that he is negative. My SIL and daughter had to be tested yesterday. My SIL partner on the ambulance with him tested positive for COVID so now they have to isolate and wait on test results too. No symptoms for either of them. I pray negative so my little granddaughters do not get it. This is hitting close to home now. Love your sweet memories of your trip to Michigan. Prayers for negative results for Sam. xoxo

  11. I really like your memory of the road trip taking Grandpa.

  12. Your evenings sounds perfect. I love that you call your husband Sweetie Pie. Your dessert looks delicious. That is a beautiful memory of a childhood trip. Praying for your son and the rest of his group.

  13. I must be related to your neighbor :) I fidget constantly. Oh I hope Sam is okay and did not test positive. Prayers

  14. How is Sam?
    Love the story about your trip with your mom and grandpa, and falling asleep with your milkshake!


High Fives from Wisconsin!