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Thursday, July 2, 2020

Happy Independence Weekend

Happy Independence Weekend

My Independence weekend post is a tribute to my dear friend Marv.
I met Marv in 2010.. we became fast friends because we both love to garden.
We gardened together at the Community Gardens for several years.
A few years ago some changes occurred with the leadership at the Community Gardens, we both decided it was time to move on. What did we both do? We both built more gardens at our homes.

Ha! Ha!

Marv will be 93 July 22!

Marv has worked hard all his life.

Watched two wives pass away from cancer. His first.. then he married his high school sweetheart.. and shortly after she got cancer and passed.

Marv drives to Texas to his new cabin, his original cabin got destroyed when Hurricane Harvey hit.

Marv has experienced terrible sadness. He will always tell you to keep going and keep smiling.
When it gets real bad, take one small step at a time, remember your friends, take time for nature and learn something new.

Marv likes to play tricks.
The year he placed huge bugs in my garden!

The year we got him back.
We invited Marv for dinner to celebrate his birthday.
Marv likes to call  from Texas during our cold -30 days and let us know how he is suffering down on the beach and it is 70 balmy degrees. Ha! Ha! Marv!
We came up with the idea to get Marv. During the winter the boys made up six snowballs and we placed them in the freezer. We kept them in the freezer, waiting for the perfect time to give them to Marv.

The perfect birthday gift!
We told him we had a special gift for him.
The photo tells all!

Marv is a Korean War Veteran. He has shared many a story with us.
He prays Sam and Atticus never see war.

We visited Thursday.
He pulls into our driveway, sits in the car and we visit.
He tells me "I have a hug for you. He points to his heart and tells me it is in his heart."

We both hate COVID19!

We visited and his advice to Atticus was.. never stop learning Atticus.
Learn from history, learn new things, always be learning.

He shared that he is currently reading his third book about the Bataan Death March. He served in Korea with several WWII veterans. Marv shared with us that many of them talked about the march.

He said, America is good. It may not be perfect, but America is good. America has helped many people and continues to do so. Never forget those who stood up and did what had to be done.

Happy Birthday America
thank you Marv.


  1. I love your Marv stories! He is such a gem! Happy Birthday to Marv!

  2. Carla, What a wonderful friend you have in Marv. Great advise also. I loved seeing his happy smile about the gift. A nice tribute to him. Blessings to you and yours, xoxo, love, Susie

  3. Thank you for this beautiful story and thank you for loving and taking care of this wonderful man.

  4. I feel so happy to have met your friend Marv here today! It enriches us all to know there is someone like him among us and I've learned important lessons from him, lessons that I sometime forget during this scary time. Thank you, Carla, for introducing him to us!

    Happy Birthday, America!

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    Is anyone else having this problem here????? Help!

    I have to publish this fast...

  6. And again quickly, before this goes 'poof'....

    This wonderful man, share his Birthday Day with my husband. Who will be 87 on July 22nd!!!!

  7. Let me please thank him, for his Service!!!!!!!

  8. And wish him and you and your family, a very Happy 4th of July!!!!

  9. "He said, America is good. It may not be perfect, but America is good. America has helped many people and continues to do so. Never forget those who stood up and did what had to be done."

    So true!

    So true!!!

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    I did it!

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  11. Please Dear One, will you ask your Dear Readers, if anyone else is having my problem?

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    If I am the only one, I am. And will have to deal with it.

    Happy 4th of July!!!!

  12. What a priceless friend!! Even though he has suffered so much, he remains so joyful. You can see it in his face. This post is just a wonderful tribute to him. Love these last pictures, too! They are artistic and unique.

  13. I enjoyed reading your tribute to Marv. You are lucky to have a sweet old friend like that, full of wisdom with a good measure of mischief. I could use one of his snow ball s right now. It's so hot and muggy today. I had to come in to cool down a little with a small cone of ice cream and now it time to go back outside to weed in the shade.I like that last photo.
    Stay safe, cool and happy.
    Hugs, Julia

  14. Marv sounds like such a lovely person to call friend. I hope that he has a wonderful Birthday this month. All the best.

  15. What a lovely tribute to your dear friend. Happy 4th July Carla x

  16. Such a wonderful man, what a blessing to have him as your neighbor and friend! I loved the cool trick you played on Marv, too funny! We are so blessed here in the great USA, and it is so true, we must always continue to be thankful! God help us not to forget the great sacrifice made for the freedoms we now enjoy. You shared a wonderful reminder today! Many blessings to you!

  17. I was thinking about Marv last week and was going to ask you how he was doing. I really enjoyed seeing his photo and having a face to put with the stories. Glad he enjoyed the snowballs!!!!

  18. Haha! You got him! Happy Independence Day!

  19. Marv sounds like a wonderful friend! Happy 4th!!

  20. I am so glad that you and Marv have crossed paths and became such wonderful friends. I am sure you are family to him and he to you. He is a special guy. Happy 4th.

  21. July 4, 2020

    Happy 4th of July

  22. I love this post. You are so blessed to have Marv in your life! Love the snowballs.

  23. Looks like you celebrated the 4th in just the right way - with Marv!

  24. I love seeing these stories! Happy Birthday to Marv! Please thank him for his service. My hubby has a birthday July 23 and his sister celebrated yesterday. We had a birthday brunch for them SONday. It was great! Great news about Sam testing negative. My friends daughter, a home health care worker did too as well as her 92 year old gentleman she cares for! You want to throw a parade for them. At least send up fireworks and many prayers for the great news! Thank you.
    I see I follow you from my original blog and now my second blog. I Have been going around because all the comments at My Tata's Cottage were stuck in cyberspace since May through today. I was finally able to release them. SO I am apologizing for it all. My blog annesphamily.blogspot.com is ok and without troubles since 2009. I am happy I stopped by. Thank you and I really appreciated Marv's story. HUGS across the miles


High Fives from Wisconsin!