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Thursday, July 16, 2020

Book Reveiw ~ On Flowers

I recently read On Flowers by Amy Merrick.
I LOVED this book. It is full of creativity, tips, tricks and pure inspiration.

Amy creates lists, I will share a few with you.

City Things To Do
Smile when you see flowers in someone else's window.
Go to the botanical garden in winter.
Read a book on the train.

Country Things To Do
Pick your own flowers.
Dry your sheets in the sun.
Use a gingham tablecloth.

How To Live Like A Flower
Adore yourself with insect jewelry.
Tuck a gardenia in your hair.
Bloom without restraint.

I loved Amy's letter to her favorite flower.

Dear Lily of the Valley,
Wherever I see you and whenever I smell you, you take me immediately to the dappled shade underneath my favorite maple tree at home. Along woodland edges, your little white pearls are strung on an endless green silk thread. You are happy there and it shows: the places with the very best views. Your smell is more transporting than a first - class plane ticket, more nostalgic than even a whiff of my mother's perfume. Your essence cannot be distilled, though perfumers have been trying for a thousand years. I admire that about you.

You are the answer to the question everyone asks, the little secret I like to keep. My favorite flower?

A few more from Amy's lists of things to do.

Fancy Things To Do
Dress up to visit gardens.
Sleep on ironed pillowcases.
Treat yourself to afternoon tea.

Humble Things To Do
Smile at a stranger.
Send a letter.
Write with a freshly sharpened pencil.

Far Away Things To Do
Put flowers in your hotel room.
Send postcards.
Keep a travel journal.
Come home and see your world anew.


  1. "Send a letter.
    Write with a freshly sharpened pencil."

    Love these, especially.

    Trouble is, I don't know who, to write a letter to....

  2. What a delightful book. I like the quotes and I love writing things down in my journals. I started a hiking journal this year and I write down wildflowers as well as wildlife and birds. We hiked this morning and there were SO many flowers in bloom! Hugs!

  3. "How to live like a flower"...omgoodness, I love it!! And I just peeked at Amazon. I might need to put this one on my holiday list! Thanks!!

  4. This is really lovely, and such an unusual book. My very favorite is the letter to a Lily Of The Valley. Now I want to smell one so badly! But alas, I have never seen one around here. And a garden center is not likely to have them, since they are wildflowers.

  5. Awww Amy sounds like she really gets life and the little joys in it. What a sweet lists you shared with us from the book. I am going to check this one out.

  6. I love the advice she gives. Glad you enjoyed the book.

  7. I love books that have lists! These are simple things mostly but somehow seem very important to do. Especially her Come home and see your world anew. But now I want a gingham tablecloth and I want to bloom without restraint (just like I like the flowers in my garden to do!) and sharpen all my pencils (because every room in my house has them and some of my favorites are years old but too pretty to throw away).

    I love her letter to Lily of the Valley, which I call by their old-fashioned name of Valley Lilies! We had them at our old house but not here and there is a huge maple tree that just cries out for some at its feet.

    This sounds like a happy book, I'm writing it down!

  8. I love the lists. I must admit--I always iron our pillowcases. I just like the look and feel of pillowcases sprayed with a Lavender Linen spray and then ironed. I like making lists....I think in my case it might be a sickness. lol xo Diana

  9. I absolutely love all the things you shared from the book. Reading them made me feel better. I'm feeling very sad today, wish I didn't but some days are like that, for me, anyhow. :)

  10. Sounds like my kind of book, I'll look for it! Love the lists.

  11. Love this! Now I have the urge now to find a pencil, sharpen, and write! Such a simple pleasure :)


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