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Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Looking at the Positive with the Hodgepodge

It is Wednesday and that means it is time for the Hodgepodge.
Joyce asks the questions.
We answer the questions.
 1.  Do you think the pandemic has had any kind of positive impact on your mental health? Explain.
The pandemic has made me reset some goals. It has made me think about what is important to me.
It has made me realize I can do without some stuff and found that some of that stuff  was causing me stress.  It has made me slowdown. 
2. A hot mess, hot under the collar, in hot water, hot button, hot diggity dog!, hot shot, hot seat....choose one and tell us how it applies to your life currently. 
Hot Diggity Dog
Our son Sam, is officially out of quarantine as of today.
He tested negative for the virus.
The other 7 teammates are all on the mend, including the one that was hospitalized.
Thank you for praying and sending well wishes.
3. Speaking of the hot seat, do you work well under pressure or do you actively avoid high pressure situations? 
I usually avoid high pressure situations.
I have been in the hot seat and have survived.
4. Hotdogs-yay or nay? If you said yay how do you like yours? Did you know July is National hotdog month? 
I do enjoy a "real" hotdog.
Click above to see our favorite at Sokup's Market!
5. I read here a list of America's coolest Southern towns. They are Marfa Texas, Greenville South Carolina, Abindgon Virginia, Athens Georgia, Bentonville Arkansas, Florence Alabama, Oxford Mississippi, Abita Springs Louisiana, Wilmington North Carolina, Monroeville Alabama, McMinnville Tennessee, Natchez Mississippi.  How many on the list have you seen in person? Which town on the list would you most like to see?
I have not visited any of the communities listed.
My aunt Sally and uncle Paul live in Texas, so I will pick Marfa, Texas to visit.
 6.  Insert your own random thought here.
Our local public school is holding football practice. We live about 3 blocks from the football field. As I was getting my shoes on for our walk, I thought I heard kids playing. 
"What is that noise?"
Our walk loops around the school and the kids where having practice. I had to chuckle because it looked to me the coaches were having so much fun throwing the football.
Living life .. again..
We still have not heard how school will look like for our area.
How about your local school district?



  1. Carla, Hooray for sweet Sam. I know your can breathe now. Blessings, xoxo, Love Susie

  2. Actually quite lovely, to find out, what we do not really *need.*

    Wonderful about Sam!!!!!!!

    Hmmmm.... Lost the rest of my comment. %^(*&$#%^&&*

    BEautiful flower.

    Rain here today,
    💧 ☂ 💧

  3. Great news about Sam! I'm wondering how the schools are going to sync football practice with all the Covid rules. Hmmm.

  4. Yay for Sam! He must be so relieved, and I'm glad he is healthy. Those flowers are so pretty. I teach 3rd grade in Connecticut. So far it sounds like we'll be starting school with masks required. Desks will not be 6 feet apart though. The rules say, "6 feet apart when feasible". It's NOT feasible! No room! Things may change before our end-of-August start date though.
    Laughter and Consistency

  5. How I love the color of those flowers!
    One thing of many that the pandemic has taught me is to treasure every moment I have with family. I miss big family celebrations so much, miss seeing our children and grandchildren laughing and talking with each other.
    Our youngest son recently had to self-isolate for 8 days while waiting for his test results after being exposed to a coworker's positive testing. So I understand your relief at Sam's good news.
    A good hot dog all the way, once a month!
    Drove to McMinnville TN many times with RH when we owned a garden center as it's the wholesale nursery capital of (something? the world?). Nice town, friendly people. But I would most like to visit Abingdon VA as my son and his family go there often and say it is beautiful and historic.
    As I understand it, Nashville will have the first two weeks online and then make a decision about the rest. I think parents are being given the choice of continuing online or in person. I know it must be such a hard decision for parents to make.

  6. I have never seen these flowers in this amazing color! Thanking God that Sam has stayed healthy!

  7. School...I don't have school age children, but my boyfriend is a teacher...we still have no idea if school will be open in the fall. A friend's son is going into 8th grade, and he will be doing two mornings a week at school and the rest as distance learning.

  8. Yippee for your son testing negative and being out of quarantine! That is good news for you I'm sure. How fun to hear the football players practicing. I haven't heard about schools in our town yet. The district our kids attended closer to Seattle just announced 100% distance learning for the beginning of the year. So hard for everyone! Hope the rest of your week goes well.

  9. I don't work well under pressure. Or I guess not anymore. Being an NICU nurse was pressure over pressure over pressure. The older I got the more stressed it made me. Had to leave , and was relieved to leave when I did. I love hot dogs. A little burnt please. Fun questions

  10. There are definitely lessons to be learned from this new reality of coronavirus. The only thing is that I think we've all learned all that we are going to learn and are ready to move on :-)

  11. So happy Carla that Sam is good and his teammates that were sick are all doing so much better. I think the one thing I have learned out of all of this is resilience. We all are living in a big time of change in our country and we are looking to see what the new norm will be. I see some good changes coming out of all of this uncertainty. Life will continue to go on. Happy Thursday. xoxo

  12. What a relief that Sam is out of quarantine and the team is doing well. I am totally with you on a "real" hot dog. Have you ever tried any from Louie's in Cumberland? I love everything we have tried from there. And speaking of things I love... Your dark flower in your bottom photo is so beautiful! Sunflower?

  13. I'm so glad to hear your son has stayed negative and everyone in the group who was positive is recovering (as most do). I'm also glad to hear kids are out being kids. Enjoy your day!

  14. I like your answer for #1. I bet Sam is thrilled to be out of quarantine. I love a market with great hot dogs. There was Crawford Sausage in Chicago and we can order from them but we haven't done that in a long time. That sound from the school sounds wonderful. I would love to see life back to normal again.

  15. So happy to hear Sam is out of quarantine! You must be so relieved. And I'll just go with plain old hot...between the July temperatures and the hot flashes, that pretty much describes it lately! Haha! Have a great weekend!!


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