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Monday, July 20, 2020

Funny on Monday

Happy Monday
Thank you to all for praying for Sam and his teammates.
I am happy to report Sam tested negative for the virus.
All other 7 teammates are doing well and on the way to recovery.
Thank you again.

Funny on Monday
I recently did a post about my dear friend Marv, who is 92.
Click below to read..

On Friday I visited with Marv.
He told me, there is a positive about wearing these darn masks Carla.
He shared that over the weekend he had lost the crown on his front tooth.
He went to the dentist on Monday, the dentist said it will take a few days before the tooth could be repaired, up to five days.
Marv said it was a blessing to wear that darn mask around, because no one  had to see his toothless smile.


  1. I have to admit I've gotten used to getting out without makeup and that feels weird! Enjoy your day sweet friend!

  2. I love that Merv has a great sense of humor. I think humor can keep us strong. I still will put a lipstick on and then see it on my mask...why do I do that. :) I am so happy about Sam and his team. God be with them always. Blessings to you, stay safe, xoxo, Susie

  3. Marv is right! I don't wear much make up anymore either and forget lipstick!

  4. Love Marv's sense of humor. Yes- you could be toothless behind that mask and no one would be the wiser.
    SOOOO glad Sam is okay. Praying for his mates! xo Diana

  5. That is droll! As droll as your troll. Wherever did you find him?

    I'll read on to see about your post on Sam but as always, prayers for his safety and those young men and women he works with.

  6. Wonderful news about Sam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Just love your older friend, and his attitude!!!!!

    Oh mercy, what a Troll!!!!


  7. What a great encourager he must be! Such a cute troll and wheelbarrow, is it yours?

  8. I am so glad that Sam's test came back negative and that his team mates are on their way to recovery. It's such a scary virus. You must be so relieved.
    You have to love Marv's sense of humour. I love that troll with spaced teethes.lol.
    Stay well and keep happy.

  9. Oh that's great news about Sam and his team mates. You must be so relieved! Love the story about Marv and you definitely found the right picture to go with it lol

  10. Oh Carla, you must be so relieved. I hope his friends are all feeling better very soon. Take care. xo

  11. I'm happy for Sam, and for you! Your post on Marv is wonderful! What a nice friend to have. Wish we had lots more Marvs in the world. That's funny about the masks, but Marv is right. Good time to have to wear a mask. Thank you Carla for cheering me up this morning.

  12. Wonderful news! What a relief! These are such worrying times.

  13. Great news on Sam being negative and his team that were sick are doing so much better. Marv is so cute about wearing his mask so no one would see he needed that dental fix lol! What a funny and sweet guy. What a fun friend to have. Happy New Week. xoxo Kris

  14. Glad to hear the boys are recovering well and how wonderful that Sam didn't get it. That's really a cute story about Marv!!! Made me smile and laugh.

  15. Haha... Good of Marv to see a positive! So glad Sam and the team are doing well.

  16. Such great news about Sam, and I love your stories about Marv. Stay safe.


High Fives from Wisconsin!

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