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Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Garden Journal

 Hello Friends,

Seed starting will start here at, The Little Garden That Could. 

This year I wanted to discipline myself more with how I am going about planting my garden. 

I have saved seeds.  I have left over seeds.  I have seeds from friends.

This year I drew a map of my garden. 

I took inventory of my seed, before I placed a seed order.

I feel more prepared for the seed starting season. I hope that my planning will help me with the problem I usually end up with, too many seedlings, not enough room.


My current garden journal.

I have always had a garden journal. In 2018 I started to save seed packs, articles and more in my journal. I have enjoyed looking back at the notes, seed packs and articles.


My Garden Motto


Something Fun

Something New

Something Tried and True


My something fun this season will be African Marigold.. this marigold will be 2 1/2 feet tall!

My something new this season will be Turnip.. I ate turnip last autumn and enjoyed every bite. I decided to try growing my own turnip.

My something Tried and True are Zinnia.

Do you have plans for a garden this season?

What will be your something fun, something new and something tried and true?



  1. I love keeping a journal! I'll be visiting the farmer's mkt for my fresh veggies...maybe not a turnip though. We love Swiss Chard. Do you grow that?

  2. What a smart gardener you are Carla. I love you type of garden journal. What a great idea. This year I'm trying Pak Choi for the first time. I love this oriental veggie in stir fry. I also want to plant sweet potatoes and got my slips already rooted in water.
    Good luck with your garden. It's always fun seeing plants grow.
    Hugs, Julia

  3. Keeping such a Journal is wise.

    Best wishes with your garden.

    We don't garden like we used to. But last China/Covid Spring, I didn't really work on getting much, for our patio pots. Life was so scary, not knowing what to expect or do.

    But this year, I want us to go get lots and lots of flowers for the pots. Maybe even get more pots, for more flowers!!!!!! -smile- It a wee way, to say; "I am tired of the "Bureau of Pandamia" and the "Fear Mongers"!!!!!"

    So there!!!!!!!!!! -smile-

    🍀 🍀 🍀 🍀 🍀 🍀

  4. I participated in a seed exchange at Christmas, and I received a bounty, an absolute bounty, of very strange, rare seeds. I am going to plant some of them at my community garden plot, and try to fit in the others in the courtyard area. I like your journal system, very smart and efficient! Which turnip will you grow?

  5. This little poem is a great idea, and so is your journal! There will be NO way to mees it up now. And the Marigold, I have never heard of it. But I cannot WAIT to see it. I hope you post many, many photos.

  6. You are miles and lightyears ahead of me! I'm not and have never been a gardener, and it has been well documented that I cannot nurture a houseplant. Black thumb over here. However, I am encouraged by the progress of three plants I received in a beautiful bowl for Christmas, which TG and I have separated into their own terracotta pots and which are doing well at this point. Also I have three massive -- I'm talking HUGE -- planters out by my pool which up until now have contained only fake plants (I know, right? So dumb), but this summer my son-in-law Chad (who is very good with landscaping) is going to help me plant some things in those. They are in full, very strong sun all day in the summer, so he'll have to guide me as to which plants can withstand that. I will be faithful to water them! I do know that when it comes to big pots, you need a filler, a thriller, and a spiller, haaahaha! Your journal is very impressive. Can't wait to see pictures of your garden. xoxo

  7. This is so great Carla and so organized. Love all your sweet plans for this year.

  8. Oh how I miss my seed catalogs. I would plan and draw out what I wanted each years for veggies and plants. Now at this home we do not have the yard for so many plants. Just a few veggies. Janice

  9. I would love to plant a garden. I need to learn more about it! I have never heard of an African Marigold...I can't wait to see them! You are very organized....Impressive journal!

  10. I am not a gardener but enjoy seeing other people's hard work. I am excited to see your flowers this year :)

  11. Hmmm, you are inspiring me to improve the way I keep my garden journal. I am going to plant some four o'clock seeds my daughter gave me. And I saved nasturtium seeds from last year. And veggies. And herbs. (don't get me started!)

  12. I started a garden journal a few years ago, and it's been so helpful! I like looking back on previous years when I'm planning so I don't over or under buy seeds (OK, I still buy too many, but they look so promising!!!) My daughter grew turnips last year for her rabbits, and we tried some, too - very yummy! She's planning to grow more this year.
    Happy gardening, friend!

  13. Last year we didn't plant our normal zinnia seeds. I missed having them in the garden, this year I'm hoping we can!

  14. I love your garden journal! I should keep one. Every spring I stand inside the garden gate wondering where to begin. Never have a plan. My something fun might be another leek plant. Oh, I would love to have another one that would grow tall and bloom. Something new ??? not sure. Something tried and true...probably zinnias again. I enjoyed your Wisconsin poem in your last post.

  15. Your garden journal is inspiring! I have never kept one and tags are missing. I have no idea where they go and sometimes, I don't even know what is coming up. OH. I just thought of something as I typed, it's probably a pack rat, because the tags were shiny. Duh... I could do popsicle sticks, but they fade fast in the light here. I think I have to replant my seedlings. The man came to do all the big jobs in my yard as he does once a month. He used the blower, but then a huge wind storm went through right after and left an amazing mess. I bet they are gone, because it had only been a day.

  16. I do like your garden motto :)

    All the best Jan

  17. Your garden journal seems so very you! Perhaps someday there will be a granddaughter who loves to garden that will treasure yours. I'm always inspired by the memory of a beautiful cottage garden I walked through years ago that when I asked her how she managed to make it so wild and lush she told me that she bought a trunk full of plants every week and just kept planting everywhere, year after year. I think her other secret was paths, so many different little paths winding everywhere with something different around every turn, vegetables mixed in with flowers and shrubs. Myself, I'm determined to only grow herbs I love this year but lots of them. And every pepper I can find. That's my goal!

  18. Ohh African marigold sound beautiful......Wow. And the deer won't eat it...hmmmmm

  19. My tried and true will be Jade Bush Beans. I couldn't get them last year and was so disappointed, so I ordered early this year! Not sure what new and fun will be for us this year. I really need to follow your example and keep a journal. It would be so helpful!

  20. I like your garden motto.

    All the best Jan


High Fives from Wisconsin!