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Friday, April 30, 2021

Frost on Tulips



We had some very frosty mornings the last week of April. The tulips did not let the cold mornings or the frost bring them down.  Each afternoon they would be upright and smiling.

During this week of frosty mornings, I learned a lesson from these brave tulips. No matter what is tossed in your way, you have to be brave. Current events can creep up on me and I can suddenly get very sad. I try hard to stay away from the news. Yet, with a son in the military, I do feel the need to know some current events.  As our citizens continue to fight each other. The story of the drive by shooting of the Minnesota National Guard was my breaking point. I just cried for our nation. As I cried, I was reminded that I have to be brave for my boys. As I watched the tulips bounce back, I again am reminded, we have to hang in there, keep shining your light.

Keep Going. 



  1. The tulips are a good lesson, and you are right! We have to try not to worry about things we cannot change. I know, harder said than done! Your son is fine, and will likely continue to be, and that is the way we must think!

  2. It is a hard world we are living in. I try to keep positive about the good and blessings but I understand how this hits home for you. I just keep praying that things will begin to lesson in hate and the news will be featuring more good things than bad in our world. Praying that Sam stays safe and he can help others in need and not deal with so much hate and unrest. Hugs to you sweet friend.

  3. -sigh- Yes, it is soooo hard, to just keep going. To be like the frosted tulips.

    And with a son in the Military, it is even harder for you.. Gentle hugs....

    Happy May!

  4. Beautiful words. We must be strong and keep going but I have to admit it has been hard to do. ((Hugs)) Just when I think things will get better we see all the loss in India. I find myself in tears often.

  5. We can learn so much from nature, but I do believe that tulips are the smartest flowers in the garden. ;) All kidding aside, I can't even image what it must be like to have a child in the military right now. My thoughts and prayers are always with you guys. xo

  6. Oh Carla, this saddens me. How so terribly awful for a mother to have to hears such a horrific news while her own son is in the National Guard.

    I know that you get your strength from the Lord and those brave little tulips were the way God spoke to your heart to give you courage. May your boys both be safe and protected from harm. As a mother, I stand united with you.

    My thoughts are with you.
    Hugs, Julia

  7. A good analogy. Glad your tulips perked back up.

  8. A good message Carla. stay strong x

  9. Carla, I know you must worry so about your son in the military, especially right now in the world. You are a brave mom, and a brave woman. And through everything, you keep shining your light. The Tulip is such a lovely flower. The petals are thin, but it's a sturdy flower as well. Your photos with the frost on the Tulips are really nice.

    Happy May days to you, Carla. It's my favorite month. ; )


  10. Poor babes. Still lovely though even frozen!

  11. I am sorry.
    The tulips are precious.
    xoxo Su

  12. Amen sister. It ain't over till it's over. xoxo

  13. Sending a big strong hug to help you weather the frost, my brave friend.

  14. Very good lesson from the tulips.
    I too am staying away from most of the news anymore. It's so hard. I'd much rather be looking at the pretty flowers and keeping my stress low.


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