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Wednesday, October 26, 2022

A Story from the Flower Shack


Hello Friends, today I am going to share a story with you. As you know, I have a fresh cut flower business, May through September. We call the little building I sell my bouquets out of, the Flower Shack. I started my small business in 2012.

I have many stories, from happy deliveries, to theft, to sweet customers and surprises.

In the month of April I came home to find a big box of vases on my door step. No note, no sign of who gave them to me. This happened again in May, June, July and August. Then in September I happen to be working in my garden when I heard footsteps, I peeked and there she was, the lady who has been surprising me. 

She looked at me and smiled. I said,"Thank You, I appreciate the vases." She said, " I did not want you to see me. I like surprising you, now you have caught me.  I enjoy looking for unique vases and I love your Flower Shack. I love how it is a bright spot in our community."

This past Wednesday I found another box on my door step and the above note. 


My word for 2022 is Sunshine. This is the first time I have played along with choosing a word for the year. I can say to this little surprise that I found each month on my doorstep, it filled me with sunshine.

 ♥ a source of cheer or happiness 






  1. That is very sweet. Thanks for sharing the story. :)

  2. What a kind and thoughtful lady!!! A great story.

  3. Firstly I didn't know you had a flower business - how cool, and secondly, how amazing is that, to receive such a lovely surprise every month! Just amazing!

  4. You are full of sunshine too! I love that you have a vase fairy!

  5. It sounds as if your flower shack brings this lovely lady some joy in way you probably never imagined. Funny isn't, we never really know all the ways we touch the lives of others. I can only imagine that this must make you smile all day long...an endless supply of sunshine. Plus, it looks like you have a new friend. How fabulous.

  6. What a delightful tale....

    What a delightful lady....


    Warms the heart!

    "Hark! The wind is rising,
    And the air is full of leaves.
    We've had our summer evenings.
    Now, for October Eves."

  7. I love your story! What a sweet lady she must be, but then what a sweet lady she is giving the vases to. So glad I didn't miss this post. I need to look back and see if you have recently posted pictures of your little flower shack.

  8. Oh yes, I know that the Full Moon falls on election day. :-((((( It's also our 64th wedding anniversary.


  9. Your little shack full of flowers is bringing the best out of people and they make up for the the negative actions of a few. I love this sweet story... Wishing you all the best.

    Hugs, Julia

  10. This is what life should be for all of use. Spread kindness and joy and it will come back to you. We would have such a better world. Glad you caught your sweet secret giver to smile and say thank you. I think it is so neat you give so much joy to your little community. You have such a great green thumb and caring heart. xoxo Kris

  11. What a sweet lady to do this for you! Just a precious story. Not good that you have theft though. I always say though with those who steal, God will judge you in the end. Next year you need to show us your flower shack. Janice

  12. That was such a thoughtful and wonderful gift from her, Carla. And to want to surprise you is even more special. It sounds like she loves your Flower Shack as much as you appreciate her. What a beautiful story. It really touched my heart.


  13. This is such a sweet story! I'd love to see more pictures of your garden and a list of the flowers you grow each year. We've thought about selling flowers and perhaps homemade breads, jams, etc. but our state has an awful lot of restrictions. Just flowers might be do-able! Jan in MA

  14. What a sweet story you shared. I got goosebumps! How sweet of her to do that for you. Hooray for the Sunshine!!!


High Fives from Wisconsin!