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Monday, July 8, 2024

Let There Be Peace On Earth


Hello Friends, today I am taking us back to Memorial Day.

Each Memorial Day our family attends the Rice Lake, Wisconsin service. It is held at Veterans Memorial Park in Rice Lake, Wisconsin. 

Bill Appleyard had the vision and dedication of having this park constructed.

His song each and every Memorial Day was ... Let There Be Peace On Earth. This year his granddaughter sang it, it was beautiful and brought tears to our eyes.


 " The nation which forgets its defenders, will itself be forgotten."

President Calvin Coolidge, 27 July 1920



 "Retreat. Hell. We just got here."

Anonymous Marines Officer, France 1918



 After the service we take a walk along Veterans Drive. Each year new flags go up honoring local heroes. The flags fly Memorial - Labor Day and after are given to the family. This is the third year that Rice Lake has done this, I think it is a fantastic way to honor our heroes.



 A trip to the cemetery to take time to be with a dear friends son who lost his life serving in Bosnia during the Bosnian War. 



Young and brave .... fighting for another countries people to be free.



 We will remember... 






  1. Carla...what a beautiful blog post and tribute to William "Bill" Appleyard. "Let there be peace on Earth" is a favorite. I actually had chills just reading the title. This young man's grave site is a reminder of the sacrifices made for our freedom. God Bless his family. I'm glad you took us back to this special day and shared the beauty of this park and cemetery.

  2. Beautiful pictures of this special day and service.

  3. What a nice tribute! I like to visit my family at the cemetery a few times a year. The place is peaceful and I told my dad I would visit. I know I will see him someday.

  4. What a beautiful park. The granddaughter singing had to be so beautiful. We forget sometimes to remember the sacrifices the men and women in service give so we can be free. This is a beautiful reminder. Hugs and Happy New Week. Kris

  5. Our neighborhood has a lovely Memorial Day ceremony each year and we always try to attend. We also try to go to the Memorial Wall in our town. My dad's name and my husband's grandfather's names are there.

  6. ((Hugs)) What a beautiful post you wrote. Thank you for sharing this information about Bill Appleyard. How lovely that you go each year.

  7. Touching! Sad for us, but we must keep remembering their heroic service. Beautiful post.

  8. A wonderful park, and a fitting tribute!

  9. Hi Carla. What a lovely, respectful, place.


High Fives from Wisconsin!