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Thursday, October 4, 2012

How does your garden grow?

Last year we tried to grow snake gourds. We had beautiful blooms, but no gourds.
This year we tried again. Snake Gourds...unique gourds, twist and turn into wonderfully different shapes and sizes. Dry and make fun crafts. We were all excited about the advertisment on the back of the seed pack. When we saw our first snake gourd growing this summer, then our second, our third, oh my we are going to  have fun painting these into snakes!
Something went wrong! Our gourds were not wonderful shapes! They did not twist and turn. They simply looked like overgrown zucchini. What happened? We just have FAT snakes! Snakes that look like they ate a bunch of mice. I guess we will have to try again next year!

My son was helping me harvest our gourds. He said " Mom, we sure know how to grow gourds!" Hmm, I wish our tomatoes would do this well. :)
 Have any of my blog readers tried to grow snake gourds? If so, what is the trick?

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