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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Light the way

Glow stick Lanterns
 These glow stick lanterns were fun to make ... but I will warn you. We had one break, while shaking the glow stick. So be careful or be ready for a mess.
For this project you will need
 Canning jars with lids
Glow sticks
Sharp scissors 
What to do
 Use a pair of sharp scissors to cut off the end of a glow stick and pour the contents of the glow stick into the canning jar. It works best to have the stick down in the jar when you cut it so you won't get the liquid everywhere. We bought glow sticks in several different colors and poured two glow sticks into each jar.
If you have never seen the inside of a glow stick before, there are small pieces of glass floating around in the glowing liquid. Just dump in the jar, put the lid on and let your child roll the stuff around. The liquid will coat the  inside of  the jar.

After you are done, you can rinse out your jar and use again.

Add your jars for tonight...as you light the way for Trick or Treat!

Happy Halloween
  You are  like a pumpkin, too!
Jesus picks you, washes you;
Takes away the slime of sin,
Lets his light of love shine in.
Now you smile with Jesus' light,
Helping make the world more bright!
Light the Way!    


  1. No kidding....I'll have to pass this along to my daughter....our two grandsons would enjoy a glowing pumpkin...lol. Thanks...

  2. I've seen this before and had thought about trying it BUT now, thanks to you, I think I will. I love that you tested it out and that it seems to work so well. And, I had no idea that there were little pieces of glass floating around inside the glow sticks. Thanks for sharing your process.


High Fives from Wisconsin!