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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Cranberries and Friends

We recently took some friends on a tour of Copper River Cranberry Marsh located in Merrill, Wisconsin. My sister and her husband are part owners. It is an amazing way of farming. I explained Wisconsin Cranberries last year, if you need a refresher on cranberries peek at the following posts

On with our tour
Cranberries waiting to be harvested.

Our friend receiving a lesson about cranberries from my brother - in - law, Josh.

Did you know cranberries float?

I think cranberries are so beautiful!

A swan out on the marsh! Beautiful! My sister shared with us that his or her mate went missing about a month ago.  
 We had a beautiful fall day for our tour.
Come back tomorrow for a new recipe using cranberries.


  1. I love cranberries and agree, they are so pretty. My parents aren't too far away from a cranberry march in WI, too. I can't wait for your recipe tomorrow.

  2. I would love to see the cranberry bogs in person! I didn't realize they had them in Merrill also. I knew there were bogs in the Warrens area because we see them on our way up Interstate 94. They are beautiful, and that reminds me that i bought some the other day, so that I can string them. I think they would look pretty drying above the cookstove. Hi to your guys. :-) You can tell them that Tuppence has started walking up our bed and lying on my pillow at night. Kevin says, 'She's just been waiting all these years for her turn.' lol


High Fives from Wisconsin!