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Friday, October 12, 2012

2012 Houston Rodeo

On the Road Friday
We are heading to Texas today...and for the next couple of On the Road Friday's.

Rodeo Houston 
(yes, they do call it Rodeo Houston...not Houston Rodeo)
Feb. 28 - March 18 
This past March we had the opportunity to visit Texas. My aunt and uncle live in Texas. It was a real treat for us to visit in March. We had a blast. One of the fun things my aunt and uncle treated us to was the Rodeo Houston! A rodeo in downtown Houston, Texas. Once you take a peek at my photos you will wonder...who do the cows, horses and other critters end up in the city. It is hard to believe that cattle trailers bring them downtown like this. Well, it was hard for me to believe. It my not be for you. :)
We had a great time. All of it was amazing. 
So let's get started and take a peek outside the Reliant.
Reliant Stadium - Houston, Texas

Livestock Show 2012 
 It is so much more than a rodeo. The Texas Farm Bureau puts on hands on education for all ages. There is tons of shopping inside and amazing Texas food.
I loved this sculpture.

I think his tail in the wind is amazing.

All three flags...flying in the blue Texas sky.

All the cows, sheep, bulls, horses...and more. They all traveled through that...skyscrapers to get here. Can you tell I am a country bumpkin!

Well that was a peek of the outside. Next week we will go inside.
Thank You for coming with me on Friday's road trip. 

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  1. That must have been a fantastic trip! I love that first sculpture especially.


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