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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Serving others .... it makes ya feel good!

We recently had the opportunity to join in to serve one of our local nursing homes. 
We made a scarecrow family, eating thanksgiving dinner for the residents to enjoy.
We are receiving help getting our pumpkin ready to decorate. We got to make a boy. Yay!

A key for a nose...beads for a smile...straw for hair.

Putting this boy together.

Good, his head fits.

The gang is all here! Some heads are still on the table...looking for bodies!

All heads are on...now we will decorate the table. One of the young ladies made a turkey out of duct tape. It was amazing! I wish I would have gotten a photo of it. She even put season salt on it to look freshly pulled from the oven.
We enjoyed our afternoon. The best part was the wonderful comments we received from the staff at the nursing home.

Success is not built on what we accomplish for ourselves. Its foundation lies in what we do for others. 
Danny Thomas  

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  1. What a wonderful quote to end your post with AND to teach your children to live by. I love this post!


High Fives from Wisconsin!