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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Copper Falls State Park, Mellen Wisconsin

Waterfall in Winter
Copper Falls State Park is amazing to visit any season. Last year we took a hike to see the waterfalls in winter. It was an amazing sight. This is Brownstone Falls in winter.
  This is Copper Falls in winter. Both are located within the Copper Falls State Park. Copper Falls actually fell in and is no longer the rushing falls it once was, when I visited as a young girl.

Looking closer, you can see tracks leading to that swirl of water.
I wonder what animal made the dangerous climb to the icy, swirling water?
Again, I am in awe at God's creation for us to enjoy.
As we bundle up during this cold snap, I wonder what Copper Falls looks like today? Did the ice freeze differently this winter? Did it freeze completely? Only one way to find out. Get out and enjoy Winter.

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