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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thursday - Post By Sam and Atticus

Dreaming of the Barron County Fair
We are having a cold blast tonight. Mom was planning to take us skiing after school today, but the wind chill is -20! We are going to stay in and watch one of our favorite movies together instead.
We also like to look at photo's, we were looking back to the Barron County Fair and we started to dream of what it will be like for next year. We love the fair! We are in 4-H, we enjoy entering our projects. We also like to look at all the animals, other exhibits and go on the rides! Of course we love to eat Fair Food!
Tonight we will go back in time and dream of the Fair.
Looking at the cows, sheep, pigs, goats,chickens, horses, rabbits, and other animals that we may not be remembering right now.
Our Grandma loves pigs. This one is big and pink.

Mom loved this chicken. Look how shiny the feathers are. Hey, look it is Atticus behind the cage.
Look, Dad picked out his favorite tractor.
Atticus is all blue. Grandpa has a blue tractor too.
The big tractor driver, Sam!
Ride Time! Weeeeee, our favorite.
Sizzler...that is the name of this ride. We do love it, we have to take our hats off and sit on them, or loose them.

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