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Monday, January 17, 2011

Packers v.s Da Bears

What happens in a household when two of the favorite teams head to the NFC championship? 
In this house hold, we can laugh and have fun. We like football for the fun of it. Yes, our family loves football! We had a season of not taking much interest in football,  then some fun players got us back into the game. For two years now we have been back into the NFL, following our favorite teams, watching Prime Time on the Internet and other highlights.
Why do we like football? It is a fun sport for us to watch. It is an American game. We also like to play it. I like to play no tackle, just pass the football and run. The boys on the other hand - the rougher the better!
 Colts vs Packers
First time at Lambeau Field for our family.
One Green Bay Packer Fan
Two Colts Fans
Sam is a Colts fan. He loves Peyton Manning. He enjoys watching him play football. Atticus just likes to do what his big brother does.
Then you have me. The Bears fan.
I started liking the Bears back when Jim McMahon was the quarterback, Walter Payton was the running back and we had the Refrigerator, William Perry. The Super Bowl Shuffle and a lot of fun with Coach Ditka!
Soldier Field

Packers and Da Bears will meet at Soldier Field on Sunday. It will be a fun game. I will be cheering for both teams. Why? I love the Bears, but I honestly think the Packers are playing good football right now. If the Clay Maker can keep it up, Rogers and Kuhn can keep up what they have going ...I think they will take it all the way. I will be cheering for the Bears too. I love Devin Hester and Matt Forte! It will make for some fun football, lots of laughter and great memories.

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