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Tuesday, January 25, 2011


We all have had a twist in our day. Some twists are easy to deal with, others can give you a load of trouble. Atticus had to go into surgery on a very cold Friday morning. Rice Lake was the coldest city on the Wisconsin map at -35 degrees. We left Cameron at 6:30am for Eau Claire, to Luther Hostpital. Our little guy was going to have surgery, to have a lymph node removed and have a biopsy on it. Scared is one word we can use to describe how we felt. It is the things we can not control that give us the hard time...Letting go and trusting God with your life is what we have to do. Very easy to say, but harder to do. Now tell that to an eight year old, who is scared and confused.
In the haze of the going into surgery, you see the amazing technology that we have in our hospitals to care for us people. Blessing people with the talent and rescourses to come up with these ideas to make our bodies better. Drugs to help us feel good or sleepy so we do not fight what will come next....all of it amazes me. God blessed our family with technolgy. We were blessed with nurses that cared and loved Atticus. We were blessed with a down to earth doctor, who made things simple to understand.
We have been blessed today with GOOD NEWS! The pathology report came back normal...no action required. Praise God! We are thankful and thank all of you who prayed for our family and gave us support.
Atticus is healing well and will see the doctor on Monday for a check up and review of the report.

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