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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Rex the Rabbit

Rex is a special bunny. He is of the Rex breed. He has amazing velvet fur. We have had him in our family since September 2009. We were at a Gun Show with our Uncle Paul in Oshkosh WI. A fella had rabbits for sale. He asked if we wanted to hold one, of course Atticus said "yes." Then the fella said to me" look how nice they get along, you should get him." I explained we already had two rabbits and I did not think my husband would want me to bring another home. Atticus was falling in love with Rex, he was all snuggled into Atticus' arms. The fella then said,"I will give him to you for free, please just take him home. I have so many rabbits and I have another litter on the way. Please, I will give him to you." Of course the "Mom, Please, can we" came next. Well, I said okay. We came home from a gun show, with a rabbit!  Sam named him Rex. Rex happens to be a pure bread Rex rabbit. Rex rabbits are known for their unusually soft fur. Rex is a great pet and I am really happy we have him in the family. Plus we have a fun story to go along with him too.
Oh, and Jeremy my husband...he just shook his head and smiled when we came home.

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