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Friday, January 7, 2011

Christmas Cookies with Mom

We are making Christmas cookies with Mom. We roll the dough, we cut out the cookies, we eat some dough, we roll the dough again, we eat some more dough and cut out more cookies.

Decorate cookie time. We made the following cookies for an Open House for our Librarian. We decorated with sprinkles, red hots, colored sugar and colored frosting.
More cookies on the way, fresh out of the oven.
Sam made this dark blue frosting. He also took this photo of Mom putting the frosting on the cookie.
That blue frosting is good. Look at my teeth...We loved making cookies with Mom. We plan to make more cut out cookies for Valentine's Day.
Never fear, our cat Max is always near. If we are baking, reading or sleeping. Have a good week. See you next week. Sam and Atticus

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