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Friday, March 11, 2016

Denim Bag Easter Baskets

Easter is just a few weeks away! I  am starting to think up fun baskets for my mom and sister.

With some old jeans and fabric, you can make your own denim bag baskets.

 I did not have a pattern, I just used the legs of the jeans to create the tote.
I used the pocket of the jeans to dress the tote up.

I made one for my mom and one for my sister.
I filled each tote with fun little gifts.
Fun stationary, small Kleenex packs, pens, candy and coffee.

 What are some unique Easter baskets that you have created or received?



  1. These are so creative Carla, I love them! What a sweet idea! My girls use the same baskets they've had since they were little, I can't believe it's only two weeks away !

  2. Carla, These are very unique and creative. Recently I saw the suggestion of using an upside down baseball cap to give boys/men an "Easter basket." Wishing you a nice weekend.

  3. Where has the time gone. I had not realized that Easter was only two weeks away.
    I no longer make Easter Baskets because I'm always so busy. I usually just bought lots of chocolate bunnies and easter candy but I'm cutting down now. I think your jean bags are just great.

    I better dig out my Easter decorations.

  4. Love it...totally creative and perfect for teen girls, too...fill it up with make up, gift cards and some candy. Hmmm. Now you've got my wheels turning!! Thanks! :)

  5. I love the bags! I've never been creative enough to come up with good ideas like this. My good ideas usually come the day after the occasion has passed. :)

  6. Like that first bag.
    Nothing like making things from old stuff.

  7. These are gorgeous and look to be sturdy as well. Lucky mom and sister!

  8. Those are really cute, creative and thoughtful gifts, Carla!

    Loved the hats in your last post. I think I need one for myself ;)


  9. Those are so neat! I really love the plaid with the denim, so creative!

  10. Those purses are just the cutest! How awesome to repurpose an old pair of jeans into something so cute! Your mom and sister will be blessed to have such a lovely gift from you! :)

  11. These are so darn cute, Carla! I think it's very sweet that you make these for your mom and sister. I wanted to make a little Easter treat for Elsie without interfering with what her parents (the Easter Bunny...shhhhh...) give her so I found a little fabric tote with bunnies stenciled on it. She, or her mom, can use it later for other purposes. I think it would be easy to make if you can find the tote and a good stencil.


  12. You are so creative, and I know those will get a lot of use, too! I once gave my first born a little wheelbarrow full of Easter treats instead of a basket. He loved it.

  13. Very creative. My dad made my kids bunny shaped wood easter baskets. Purple for my daughter and white for my son. I still have them. Janice

  14. So sweet. My daughter tells me that she has outgrown them, but I better make one any way. Come Easter, she will be disappointed. xoxo Su

  15. You are such a sweet daughter and sister! I think this is such a creative idea. They will love them. I need to start thinking about Easter!

  16. Oh, boy! My head is spinning with ideas. You've inspired me, Carla. I love these! xo ~ Nancy

  17. Now that is a good idea and your mom and your sister will love them ...

    All the best Jan

  18. You did a great job on the bags, Carla. Denim is always in style. These are nice for a casual outing. :)



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