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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Pass the Peanut Butter Cookies ~ It is the Hodgepodge

Dreaming of Daffodils

Hello, it is Wednesday. It is time for the Hodgepodge. 
Joyce asks the questions.
We answer the questions.

1. February ended with an extra 24 hours in 2016. What did you do with your bonus day?

I caught up on some housework.

2. What's something in your life that's grown by leaps and bounds in recent days, weeks, months, or years? I'm giving you lots of room to come up with an answer here, so no fair passing on this one.  

My boys appetite!  Tonight we made fish, sweet potato fries and peas. My youngest son took half the peas and my oldest son took half the sweet potato fries! My husband and I both laughed. I guess we judged wrong as to how much to prepare!

 3. Do you read reviews about a film before deciding if you'll see it? Did you watch The Oscars this year, and if so your thoughts on the program? How many of the Best Picture nominees had you seen prior to the broadcast? (Spotlight, The Martian, The Big Short, The Revenant, Mad Max: Fury Road, Room, and Brooklyn) If you watched The Oscars who gets your award for 'best dressed'?

I do review a film before deciding if I will watch it. We also have some good friends who like to share movies with us.
No, I did not watch The Oscars. I did hear some of what the host, Chris Rock had to say on the radio Monday morning.
We watched Bridge of Spies, excellent movie in our opinion.

4. When did you last have overnight houseguests? Give us your top three tips on being a good houseguest.

In November 2015 we  had overnight guests.

Top three tips on being a good houseguest
1.  Asking if you can help with anything...kitchen clean up, taking out the trash, playing with the kids
2. Respecting your host and the privacy of the host
3. I like to bring a gift for my host

 5. March 2nd is Peanut Butter Lover's Day. Will you be celebrating? If so, would you prefer a home made peanut butter cookie, a Reese's peanut butter cup, an old fashioned peanut butter and jelly sandwich, or shall I just hand you a jar and a tablespoon?

My husband makes the best peanut butter cookies in the world! He made them for me this weekend. I asked him to add chocolate chips. Yummy! I have already been celebrating this wonderful day. I had two cookies today!

  6. Why is failure important? Or isn't it?

I do think failure is important. I think we learn from it. I have read many books by Zig Ziglar.
I think he is/was one of the best positive life coaches.
One of my favorite quotes of his is the following,
"You do not fail if you get knocked down, you only fail if you stay knocked down."

 7. Share with us one fun thing on your March calendar.

My friend Marv will be coming back to Wisconsin. Marv is my gardening mentor and a dear family friend. I have shared many stories about him here at The River. He spends the winter in Texas. We all are excited to see him.

8.  Insert your own random thought here.  

"Time is the coin of your life. It is the only coin you have, and only you can determine how it will be spent." 
Carl Sandburg 


  1. I love your own random thought. Excellent quote! I bet your boys are excited that Marv is coming back, too!! Let the games begin! ;)

  2. Yum, I wish I had a few of those cookies right now to go with my tea. That is a great quote you shared. Happy Wednesday :)

  3. Thank you for letting me know about PB Lover's Day. I just updated my post since it features peanut butter (and I didn't even know!). I will definitely celebrate it. Yay for Marv coming back. I know you guys miss him. I'm looking forward to warmer weather (hopefully) and my daughter's big runway show at college this month. Maybe an Irish Night at the house, we'll see. We usually celebrate St. Patty's day that way.

  4. Hi Carla :)

    Great answers and great quote!

    Loved the pictures of you two with the snowman :)

    As to the friendship post... I've gotten out of a lot of toxic friendships and it's never fun, but it is necessary for our sanity. I'm glad you left that situation and are okay with it.

    hugs to you,

  5. We liked Bridge of Spies too!!
    Enjoy the return of your buddy!

  6. I can believe that, your boys' appetites growing by leaps and bounds! It's the way of teenagers. LOL I love the cheery daffodils. BTW, I have a question for you, brought first to me by my daughter who lives in Wausau. What do YOU think of when you hear 'cheese fries.' Mr. C. and I both had the same idea, but evidently in that area it's the name for an entirely different thing.

  7. P.S. Totally agreed with you on Bridge of Spies. I was glad to hear that Mark Rylance (who was born in England but grew up in Wisconsin!!) got an Oscar for supporting actor in the movie. :-))

  8. Have a wonderful reunion with your friend! I need to see Bridge of Spies as I've heard so much about it.

  9. That's funny about your boys appetites! All the movies were good this year in their own way. It is a shame they have to be compared to each other. I don't know how Mad Max got in that mix!!! Enjoy your time with Marv.......

  10. I always enjoy your Wed. Hodgepodge! I got hungry for peanut butter cookies now! My son's appetite has certainly grown as well, and also more picky. He used to eat just about anything, but now, only certain things. Oh the sweet joys of teenagers right, lol! Have a wonderful day Carla, always a sweet spot in my day to come here :)

  11. Love your quote about failure. Enjoy your cookies - you can have my share as I do not like peanut butter. Yes I'm weird! lol

  12. Love that quote, you always are an inspiration my friend! I bet your husbands can put her cookies are delicious! I also caught up on housework on the 29th !!!! We only watched The Martian this year - maybe Bridge of Spies next!

  13. I enjoyed your hodge podge answers. I guess I have been celebrating peanut butter my whole life!

  14. I'm really craving a home made peanut butter cookie after reading this week's answers. I might have to break down and make some this weekend. I have girls who have always had tiny appetites, but I remember growing up my brother eating a full meal, then getting up from the table and making a milkshake using half a carton of milk and the same of ice cream : )

  15. Love the three tips for a houseguest, Carla. Great Sandburg quote. So true. Hugs, Nancy

  16. Sounds like you better double up on your veggie's for meal time, lol!
    I did not know about Peanut Butter Lover's Day, have another cookie for me, ok??


High Fives from Wisconsin!