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Friday, July 8, 2016

On The Road Friday ~ Bass Lake, Rusk County, Wisconsin

 Welcome to On The Road Friday!
We are going to take a little trip to Bass Lake in Rusk County, Wisconsin.

Bass Lake is  a fun lake for canoeing, kayaking, and swimming.
My favorite thing to do is canoe Bass Lake. 
The lake has many islands to explore.

 The call of the  Common Loon.
Have you ever heard a Common Loon?

Click the above video if you have not heard a Common Loon.
This is a well done video of the beauty and mystery of the call.

Common Loons are one of my favorite water birds.
I still remember the fist time I heard a Loon call out. It chilled me to the bone.
Do you have a bird call or animal call that you will never forget first hearing?

Thank you for coming along today to Bass Lake in Rusk County, Wisconsin.

Have a great weekend.


  1. Carla this place looks dreamy! So peaceful, I'd live to visit and my hubby and boys would enjoy canoeing. The bird call sounds a bit haunting yet beautiful. I hope you enjoy your time there--and thank you for the kind wishes on my sprained foot. It's SO hard to be injured, it makes me realize how much I move and get done in an ordinary day. I was walking the dog when she got excited an my legs got tangled up and the next thing I knew I was on the ground. The funny thing is I popped back up, didn't really notice anything until I was putting baseboard in and saw my swollen ankle. Now of course it's gotten worse. Oh well . A lesson in patience right?
    Hugs from SoCal,

  2. What a beautiful lake! I love the sound of a loon! I know I've heard them - last summer we stayed for a few days at a NH lake and it was wonderful! Nothing like natures beauty!

  3. I have never seen one, let alone heard one! The call is amazing, thanks so much for posting it!

  4. What a pretty lake! Yes, I know the loon. We would hear them a lot when on lakes in Minnesota. I haven't heard one since moving down here. I do miss them!

  5. Oh Carla what a peaceful and beautiful place to be. Enjoy enjoy. Love the video about the Loon.
    It is a pretty call they have with each other.

  6. The call of the common loon is very mysterious and pretty, Carla. Bass Lake is beautiful. These are great pictures of it. I have to listen to their song one more time.


    thank you for the birthday wishes for Nel. :)

  7. That is such a beautiful lake. I have never heard a common loon and enjoyed the video. Their call is a lonely sound but I love it.

  8. Such a beautiful lake Carla! How wonderful to be able to explore it with your children, and then to hear the amazing call of the loon! I don't believe we have loons here, at least I have never heard a call like that on our lakes. We do have a lot of geese, and bullfrogs. I enjoyed the video of the loon call, that is well done indeed! Thanks for sharing your lovely Friday with us :)

  9. How beautiful. I love ducks. I watch them on the pond near the harbor and I never tire of their calls and pretty feathers.

  10. Oh, that place looks dreamy! Loons are special in so many ways. The birdcall I remember with special fondness is the Whipoorwill. I first heard it clearly at Girl Scout camp in Northern Wisconsin. Such a mysterious, gentle song in the night. :)

  11. Wonderful! I've enjoyed it full screen and feel calmed by it. My dachshunds ears perked up at the sound. You're very fortunate to have heard this in real life.


High Fives from Wisconsin!