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Friday, July 22, 2016

The Dog Story

little boys exploring the big woods
The Dog Story
 I was recently reminded of this story from Joyce the author of the Hodgepodge.

Way back when my oldest was two years old, I was pulling him in a little red wagon on the sidewalk in Rice Lake, Wisconsin. 
The rest of this story happened very fast. 
Out of no where a big dog came running across the street.
The dog went right for Sam in the wagon. I jumped in front of the dog.
The dog growled and barked. He continued to go after Sam.
All of a sudden a little car jumped the curb and was driving on the sidewalk, right for the dog.
The fella driving yelled, "RUN!"  I did, the other direction that he was chasing the dog with the car. I turned the corner and some other people that witnessed the entire ordeal came out to give me a hug.
When we have so much negative around us, it important to remember the good in people. 
Strangers helping strangers.

I never did get to say "Thank You" to my rescuer in the little car.

How about you? Do you have a story of someone who helped you?

Have a great weekend!


  1. I do believe that there is more good in the world than bad...but bad is all we hear. Thankful for the good.

  2. I do think these stories have great power - I love hearing about the goodness in people, vs the bad. Needless to say I've been taking a break from the news as of late but sometimes there seems to be no escape. Thanks for posting this my friend!

  3. What a beautiful story of a stranger's kindness! Could have been a disaster. God's protection comes in different ways :)

  4. How terrifying! That stranger was your saving angel. I do believe we've got more good people in this world, it's just hard to remember that these days.

  5. Oh my gosh, that sounds terribly frightening! I just said to someone yesterday that I believe most people are inherently good. It's such a shame we have to hear more about the bad. Thanks for sharing your bit of kindness today. :)

  6. That's a scary story! Wow. It's nice to read stories about Good Samaritans for a change!

  7. Glad to read your post today Carla. Just is a great reminder with all the bad going on in our world that good things are happening too. Thankful that the angel in the little car came to your rescue. Just a great memory to remind you that life is good and people are good. Have a great week end.

  8. Thanks for sharing that story. I agree: Most people are good and want to help. I'm glad you and Sam were OK. :)

  9. A scary story! A dog to give all the other dogs a bad name.

  10. ... I do believe there are more good people than bad, thanks for sharing your story,

    Enjoy the remainder of your weekend and all good wishes for the coming new week.

    All the best Jan

  11. That would have scared me to death. I'm so glad someone stopped to help you. A mean dog can be dangerous. Your story could have had a much worse ending. I'm so thankful it didn't.

  12. What a story! Glad it ended well.

  13. Love this story, and that your rescuer was paying enough attention to see you in need. So many times people just aren't seeing what is going on around them. Although I try to be aware, I know I am just as guilty of not seeing things as the next person.


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