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Tuesday, November 17, 2020

A Simple Make over in the Dinning Room



A simple make over .. new curtains in the dinning room. My blog friend Kim is so creative in the ways she updates a room. She makes new curtains, cushions, and more. She has fun ideas for crafts and is currently sharing Christmas crafts.

 Click here to learn more from Kim

Well I did update a room, but I cheated and purchased my curtains from Vermont Country Store. I am not getting credit from Vermont Country Store for mentioning them. I just wanted to share this fun online store with you. We are very pleased with our new curtains.

Vermont Country Store


How about you, have you done any simple makeovers lately?



  1. Does getting throws out to put over the chairs and sofa count? heehee! I love those curtains and remember getting lacy bedroom curtains from the company years ago. I should go look at their website! Enjoy your day!

  2. Carla, I have that same material...I had planned on making curtains or at least valances. I love that plaid . I am beginning to think, I may just make pillow cases for throw pillow..I am slower than a sloth.LOL I honestly have been sorting papers and shredding..is that a make over? LOL I hope you and your husband,enjoy your new dining room look with your sons this Thanksgiving. Blessings to you, xoxo,love, Susie

  3. Love your checked curtains! Always look at them. But our wallpaper, by our table, is too busy for the addition of checks. -smile- And we love our wallpaper so.... plain curtains for us.

    But yours are so cute!

    I know the Vermont Country Store. Expensive but pretty stuff.

    🍗 😋 🍗

  4. The new curtains look beautiful by your vintage corner cabinet! I think they are just perfect there. What would we do without Vermont Country Store? No new makeovers inside recently but taking the living room curtains to the cleaner and washing the windows made me as happy as a renovation would. The work still goes on outside with RH's new carport and workshop and I am hoping so much for the painters to show up out there before Christmas so I can add Christmas lights and a big wreath.

  5. Talking of curtains, we bought some new ones recently, it's surprising the refreshing change they can make to a room.
    I like the look of yours.

    All the best Jan

  6. They look so good in the room! They are a major focal point, and bold without being too showy. Simple and perfect.

  7. Those look really great, Carla. I have never had black and white but I am leaning more that way in the condo....that and soft green (think 1950s).
    Hope you aren't snowed in up there. We got our first snowfall yesterday. ugh. o Diana

  8. Carla, I adore this room! The curtains are perfect, they suit your warm and welcoming dining room, so well. I too love the Vermont Country Store. They have so many neat things and trust me, if their curtains fit my windows I wouldn’t have made mine. Thank you for all the sweet words about my blog. You know I consider yours a must read. I cherish the friendship we have and only wish we lived closer. We could take turns having tea at your buffalo plaid clad room and then mine. ❤️

  9. Hi Carla. I love that Vermont country store bought out Country Curtains when they went out of business. I always loved their checked curtains. Have a great new day.
    xoxo Kris

  10. We have those same curtains! They were here when we moved. I like how they look in your house!

  11. Lovely curtains, Carla. How nice the room looks!

  12. I love them. They are perfect. No we haven't done any makeovers lately.

  13. Lovely! We are getting ready to do a makeover on our bathroom. Last weekend we went to Menards and bought most of our supplies so we are ready when Cliff has a couple days at home. I haven't decided yet what my decor colors will be and I have been thinking about curtains, so I am going to look at the Vermont Country store now while I finish my coffee!


High Fives from Wisconsin!